Single Edge Razor Stand

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The Single Edge Razor Stand is designed to cradle your razor and allow it to dry properly. Designed to blend seamlessly with the razor, and make your blades last longer. Form, meet function.

Built to Last a Lifetime

Built to Last a Lifetime

Constructed from Zinc Alloy, each stand was custom designed to hold the Single Edge Razor upright. This allows the razor to dry properly between use, extending your blade's life.
Design in the Details

Design in the Details

All stands are coated with aerospace grade PVD chrome, making perfect matches available for all 5 finishes: Classic Matte, Mirror Polish, Matte Black, Jet Black and Stainless. A custom stand to handsomely display your razor.

Customer Reviews

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Displaying Strong

My Razor Stand is displaying my new razor proud and strong. Simple & classy!

Excellent stand and even better customer service

Sturdy, great piece of kit

Perfect stand

Love this stand! Nice and heavy and complements the razor nicely.

Great product

Designed and made well. Took me awhile to get used to the single blade after many years of multi blade cartridge. The key is not to press too hard. Let the blade sweep away the beard. Supply single blade sweeps away even my thick course hair! No more cuts and nicks now and enjoying a very close shave...

Amazingly Smooth

I have never been a fan of single blade razors. My attempts have resulted in “bloody” shaves from multiple nicks all over my face and head. I read all the reviews about this product and for some reason decided to give it a try. Well, I started out with a couple of nicks, but surprisingly, with the most amazing and smoothest shave I have ever had. I love this razor and highly recommend it for anyone looking for a safe, yet smooth, and luxurious shave. I just received the stand and it fits just right. Everything about the razor, from looks to engineering is just perfect!


Looks good and holds up. Very convenient and keeps razor held without getting stuck.

Love the Stand!

Waited a long time for the stand to be in stock. Love it!


Just as with the razor I bought from Supply, the razor stand is a solid weight and not some cheap throwaway. So happy with the quality and service at supply. Thanks Patrick and Jennifer.

Quality as usual

Fantastic elegant stand. Top notch customer service!

Awesome Razor and Stand!

This is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Definitely worth of being displayed; I purchased the Alloy matte razor and Stand and when it arrived it’s packaging was pretty awesome and comparable to how high end phones are packaged.
There is a definite learning curve to using this razor, but after 4 shaves in I am getting better and obtaining better results. I was definitely hesitant and concerned at the idea of switching from an over-engineered, over-priced, over-complicated multi blade razor; however my experience so far has assured me at being worthy my time, change of shaving routine, and financial investment.
The Supply Co. customer service ended up being awesome as unfortunately it seems I lost on their free 1 year blade supply offer, and after a few emails back and forth they gave them to me totally free including shipping...
So far I love the razor, my skin thanks me for it, and I find myself planning my next shave; my whole outlook on this every 3 other days routine has definitely changed for the better. It’s worth it and will last me a lifetime.