Single Shave Setting
Single Shave Setting
Single Shave Setting
Single Shave Setting
Single Shave Setting
Single Shave Setting
Single Shave Setting

Single Shave Setting

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Transform your 2.0 into an SE, replace a lost setting, or get a more aggressive shave from your SE handle. Here’s how to know what you need:

SE Setting – If you’re a Single Edge 2.0 owner, now you can experience the close, comfortable shave of the SE without purchasing a whole new razor. Feel the difference of NickStopTM technology and our 16 precision fins. Your 2.0 is about to be safer and more convenient to use than it’s ever been. We made the SE Setting to fit perfectly onto the head of your 2.0. The screw is the same. All you need is the setting. Available in Classic Matte and Matte Black

Aggresive - This is what you need to get the closest shave from your Single Edge. The Aggressive Setting creates the most space between the blade and the safety bar. This allows the blade to come into closer contact with your skin and more hair to reach the blade at one time. We recommend the Aggressive Setting to shavers who have mastered their technique.

Classic - Use our Classic Setting if you shave every day. It delivers a close, but comfortable shave. It allows just enough hair to reach the blade, so you get the shave you want in two passes: one with the grain, one across, and you’re ready to conquer your day.

Sensitive - This is the setting for all our shavers with sensitive skin. It’s the smallest amount of blade exposure, so the blade makes minimum contact with your skin. Your shave will be safe, comfortable and close after two passes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
victor owens
Game changer..

No more razor burn

Thomas Badgley
Must Have

I have had my Supply razor over a year and have been happy with the savings of money on the razors. I was OK with the shaving but sometimes I would nick myself but continued to use them anyway. When I saw that I could purchase the new guard for the razor to help with nicks and pinching for under $20 I ordered it! I have never been happier this really helped my shaving experience. I would recommend this for everyone. I would not even purchase the old razor unless this is added. This is a must have and now I have a great shave and I am saving money everyday. Great work and great quality.

Christopher Davis
This Razor is Truly Revolutionary

If you have a problem with this razor, YOU are the problem.

Massimo Lesti
Very Smooth and Nickless

I’ve been using Supply’s original razor configuration for almost a year now. While I felt like it was less irritating than a plastic razor, I still managed to nick myself fairly frequently and it was tough to get an even shave for me.

However, this new attachment was a game changer! I have yet to cut myself using this setting and it makes me much more confident in going over a spot again to make sure I get it perfect smooth. I highly recommend it!

Paul Feldhuhn
Worked well

Wanted the aggressive plate for my SE..A very good but very mild razor..Plate was easy to install..Razor is now not super aggressive by any means. More smooth mid aggressive range..I do like it much better now.

Dale Morrison
My shaving life is complete

The single shave setting (SE) combined with my always-loved Single Edge 2.0 makes for a magical shaving experience. I LOVE IT!

A. Mark McNulty

Shaves as smooth as a baby's bum!!!

Kevin Maurice
I love it!

Just upgraded to the SE and I love it!
Hands down the best shave I’ve ever had. #2 is now that first shave with the Supply Single Edge a few years ago.
Anyone who hasn’t upgraded, you can just buy the SE Setting and it’ll fit your Single Edge handle, definitely should!


As an airline pilot, I have to shave everyday for work. Multi-blade razors always clog and electric razors give me razor burn, especially around the neck. This razor is fantastic! Takes a little bit to get used to, but I can shave a lot faster because there's less time rinsing, and it shaves incredibly close. Very very happy with this purchase, and the customer service is phenomenal! I've already recommended to my fellow pilots!

Alex Fermor
Gives a great comfortable shave

Having had trouble using the other settings on my single edge razor, to get a nick free shave, I thought I'd try the new setting a try. All I can say is wow, the shave was great and no nicks! I highly recommend this new setting to all users of the supply single edge razor.