Your Guide for Better Skin this Summer

Tomorrow is officially the first day of summer and we all know our time outdoors in the sun will be increasing. Before the heat gets here, there are steps you can take to prep your skin for the warm summer months and minimize outbreaks.

Wash Your Face Daily

We all know washing your face is a good practice in personal hygiene. Add in the heat of summer and increased likelihood of sweat throughout the day, and you have a recipe for skin disaster. Why? Sweat gathers oils and bacteria and literally sits in your pores causing skin impurities and breakouts. 

By washing your face morning and night, you'll remove the sweat, unclog those pores, and deep clean your face to prevent breakouts. Make sure to use a wash that is not water-based but preferably full of plant-based ingredients like aloe to avoid drying out skin. 

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Stay Hydrated

Being in the sun all day significantly dries out skin severely. Aside from the risk of sunburn and harsh UV rays, dry skin cannot only make you look tired but also speeds up the aging process. 

In order to combat dryness, use a hydrating moisturizer on skin 1-2 times a day. Beware of water-based moisturizers which actually strip skin of it's natural oils instead of nourishing long term. To check if your moisturizer is water-based, just look at the ingredients list and see if water is one of the first two ingredients listed. Instead look for aloe-based formulas that work with your skin to lock in moisture, like our Multi-Purpose Moisturizer.

Also, drink your water. The importance of drinking water in the summer increases many fold as a lot of water and electrolytes get depleted by sweating. Your cells need water. Drink up.

Wear Sunscreen

This seems like a no brainer, but even if you're going for an evening stroll or an extended road trip in your car, you need it. Harsh UV rays can still come in contact with skin, so it's best to get in the habit of applying a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher daily. 

Another option is to wear a hat outdoors to minimize the exposure to the sun on your face. Our Supply Dad Hat and Trucker Hat are real crowd pleasers. 

Exfoliate Skin 

Exfoliating skin is a huge step in keeping skin and complexion clear. When you exfoliate, you free your skin of pore-clogging residue and dead skin cells while also opening up hair follicles for a closer, clean shave. 

The easiest way to add this into your routine is by using a brush during your shave. The process of massaging and building a thick lather into your beard will improve the quality of your skin and the overall feel of your shave. Trust us - you won't go back to foam.

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Keep It Clean

There is no better time to rock a clean shaven face than in the summer, especially with the new "addition" of face masks. No scruff to get in the way. No weird tan lines. 

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