Why Injector Blades are Better For You - And Your Face

There’s a reason more people are embracing injector-blade razors these days. It’s not just that satisfying click when you insert a new blade – or the sheer pleasure of using a tool which has been carefully engineered to make your life easier. It’s the fact that by ditching fussy alternatives, you can enjoy a cleaner, faster, and safer shave every time you pick up your razor.

Still not convinced? Let’s take a closer look at a few of the advantages of injector blades.


They're safe.

Let’s assume you’ve already taken the first step, and replaced your disposable, plastic razors with a sturdy single-edge. So, why choose injector blades specifically? Why not a more old-fashioned blade replacement system?

The problem with many single-edge razors is that you have to physically handle the blades every time you need a new one. Not only does this put you at risk of cutting your fingers – it also puts the blades at risk of sustaining microfissures or visible dents. This sets you up for a poor shave before you’ve even put the razor to your face

Single Edge Injector Blades are designed to solve this problem. The injector mechanism acts as a protective sheath, separating your hand from the blades – and preventing damage to both.

They're quick and easy to change.

Nobody wants to spend their morning bent over the sink, fumbling with a tiny blade that just won’t attach properly. It’s a bit like handling a bar of soap in the shower – but more dangerous.

The Single Edge injector blade mechanism takes under a minute to master. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’ll be switching blades at lightning speed – and saving precious time as you get ready for the day ahead. 


They store used blades.

As anyone with small children or pets know, the trash bin in your bathroom is not the safest place to throw loose razor blades. Luckily, injector blades come in a compact container which has a dedicated, easy-to-use compartment for storing all your used blades – meaning everything stays securely in one place.

The best part? Once you finish your last blade, just throw the entire pack, blades and all, into the recycling bin. No loose blades. No unintended accidents.

They last longer - and shave smoother.

Our Single Edge blades are twice as thick as double-edge blades and tend to last roughly twice as long. That’s an intentional design decision. While flimsy blades are profitable for the companies which sell them, we’ve always felt they don’t provide as great a shaving experience. After just a few uses, thinner blades tend to lose their edge in a noticeable way.

Besides lasting longer, thicker blades provide a more effortless shave. After all, the first advice we give people who buy our razor is to use zero pressure and let the blade do all the work. That in itself speaks volumes of the difference.