What is Two-Pass Shaving?

What is Two-Pass Shaving?

With multi-blade razors, you've probably found yourself hacking over the same spot multiple times to get every last hair before moving onto the next section of your face. We have news for you, it's absolutely awful for your skin. Right off the bat, you want to avoid the blade scraping against your bare face as much as possible, but with the "rapid fire strokes", you also don't realize how much you're pressing the blade into your skin. This absolutely WILL NOT fly with the Single Edge. You will almost certainly irritate your skin, and possibly cut yourself up. Instead, we recommend taking two passes with the Single Edge.

Take your first pass with the grain making sure to use light, short strokes with the razor. Once you've completed your entire face, examine your beard for any missed spot or stubble. If a second pass is needed, take time to reapply a lather to your face before shaving with the Single Edge. To save time, avoid washing your shaving brush after your original lather. Usually a good lather made with quality ingredients will build enough foam to last two passes. Bottom line, always make sure you're lathered up.

Here's a quick video of Patrick explaining how to create the richest lather using our Shave Cream and Brush:

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