LOGO - Find the correct blade angle.

ℹ️ After you find the angle, it’s time for the last L, LIGHTLY, at the link below: LIGHTLY - Don’t use ANY pressure.

Luckily, we’ve made it easy for you to find the proper angle to hold your razor. Just place the Supply logo (that’s on the head of the razor) flat on your skin. That’s it.


You’ll know you have the correct angle if the shaving cream is complete swept away - along with your hairs. If you have the SE and are seeing “tread marks” left in the cream, you don’t have the right angle. Adjust until you find it, and once you do, you’ll know it!

After you find your angle with the LOGO, it’s time for your last L, LIGHTLY:

LIGHTLY - Don’t use ANY pressure.

If you need help installing your Grip Sleeve:

How to install a grip sleeve.