Introducing The Everyday Dopp

We set out to design the world's best dopp kit - and ended up designing the world's best everyday carry case in the process.

We're thrilled to share with you our newest product, The Everyday Dopp. We set out to design the world's best dopp kit - and ended up designing the world's best everyday carry case in the process. Over a year in the making and carried to 5 different countries - this kit has been tested, prototyped, and is ready to organize your gear. 

The Everyday Dopp in Bourbon

Why is it the best travel kit ever?

The Everyday Dopp is designed to accompany you on every adventure - whether down the road or across the world. Say goodbye to your overstuffed and cluttered briefcases, toiletry bags, and suitcases.

Effortlessly Organize Everything

1. It's designed to carry all your gear. 

The Everyday Dopp includes thoughtfully designed locations to store all of your gear. It features: 

Pockets for your slender gear like razors, pens, toothbrush, and knives.

Slender pockets for your razor, toothbrush, and knives

An open, reconfigurable tray for larger gear like speakers, larger toiletries, and headphones.

Larger tray for speakers, larger toiletries, and headphones

And a removable zipper pouch for all your small gear like cords, plugs, glasses, and USB sticks.

Removable zipper pouch for all of your smaller items.

2. It expands to carry more when you need to.

The zipper pouch locks into place with hidden magnets and can be carried separately when you need to increase your gear capacity.

Magnetic and removable zipper pouch

3. It's made with the best materials on the planet.

When choosing materials and the construction of the Everyday Dopp, we wanted nothing but the best. For our leather, we chose one of the premier tanneries in North America, based in the leather capital of the world - Leon, Mexico. The entire Everyday Dopp is constructed with 100% premium, extra-thick full grain leather. We never use bonded, genuine, or any other lesser quality leather.

Full-grain leather

4. It's available in three stunning colors.

The Everyday Dopp is available in three distinct, full-grain leather finishes: Midnight Black, Bourbon, and Dark Brown.

There Signature Leather Finishes

5. It comes with our signature lifetime warranty.

Every product we make is obsessively designed to last a lifetime - and we back up this promise with an unbeatable warranty. The Everyday Dopp comes with our 100-Year warranty. If we can't fix or repair a manufacturer's defect, we will replace the product, no questions asked. 

100-Year Warranty

We all carry things - things we love, things we need. But, they are more than just things. They are tools. They're our livelihood. They express who we are and what we love and what we live for. So, isn't it time that we carry them in a way that lives up to those expectations. We can't wait to see all of the places your Everyday Dopp will take you.

The Everyday Dopp is currently available on Kickstarter at a special, discounted backer price and set to ship in October 2018. 

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