How To Shave Your Chin

Chins come in all shapes and sizes – but what they all have in common is their trickiness to shave.

Cuts, razor bumps, and missed hairs are all too common – which might be why famous-jawed people like Brad Pitt stopped shaving chins altogether.

Fortunately, the right technique is out there and much easier than you think. Here's four quick tips for a smooth chin shave. 

Tip #1 – Prepare

A great lather makes a huge difference. It softens hair and lifts the follicle away from your skin, making them easier to cut.

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Tip #2 – Know Your Map

This will obviously help with your entire shave – but it's especially important when shaving your chin. Shaving with your beard grain will minimize irritation or cuts.

Learn How To Map Your Beard Grain

Tip #3 – Use Short Strokes

Because chins are angular, you'll need to use very short strokes to maintain the proper blade angle. For sensitive skin, use our sensitive shave setting with your grain for best results.

Tip #4 – Keep it Light

Your Supply SE isn't flimsy. It's heft makes it so you need to apply zero pressure throughout your shave. It was designed specifically to do all the work. Let it glide.

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