How To Make Your Razor Blades Last Longer

Now that you have your brand new Single Edge, it's time to take proper care of it. By doing so, you'll also extend the life of the blades inside your razor. By increasing the amount of time between blade changes, you'll save money and get the most out of your razor.

Taking Care of the Single Edge

The main points to remember:

  1. Shake out excess water after each shave before storing the razor.
  2. Replace your blade once it begins to tug or pull the skin.
  3. Do not store the razor in a closed drawer, cabinet, or the absolute worst - your shower. 

The best solution for taking care of your razor and getting the most of your blades? Invest in a Single Edge Razor Stand. Available in all 5 finishes of our razor, the 4 alloy versions and our steel finish, the sleek finish of our razor stand will handsomely display your razor.

Benefits of a Razor Stand

Custom designed for your razor, the Single Edge Razor Stand is the perfect way to not only showcase your razor, but also keep it dry. The stand holds the razor upright, so that excess water drips down and drains through a tiny opening at the bottom of the stand. This prevents the water from pooling a d building up at the base of the razor.

Plus, when excess water remains on the razor blade, the blade itself can start to rust, ruining the cutting edge prematurely. By keeping your razor upright and not resting in excess water, blades tend to remain sharper and last longer. 

The Proof: Real Customer Reviews



"This is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Definitely worthy of being displayed. I purchased the alloy matte razor and stand and when it arrived it's packaging was pretty awesome. It's comparable to how high end phones are packaged. " - Nuno Alexrande


"The stand is perfect for the Single Edge 2.0, because of the amount of space you will save and the ease of use it provides to store and use the razor. The design is slick and minimalist just like the razor so they match perfectly. Again, the stand is super helpful because it will free up a lot of space for you, because it keeps the razor vertical." - A.X.


"I love my razor stand! With my razor resting in it, it looks like a piece of artwork on my counter. It also takes up no space while adding a lot of character to my bathroom aesthetic." - Reggie Wideman


"A very nice stand to compliment the Single Edge razor. Very solid and well built and a perfect fit for my razor. Together, they both look like a piece of art." - Gerry Silverman


"This is a great looking, functional razor stand. It is very heavy and stable and fits my Supply razor perfectly. The finishes also match perfectly. It makes a great addition to my vanity next to my shaving brush stand." - Harold

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