How do I Clean the Single Edge?

The Single Edge is made out of a block of metal and is super easy to clean. You want to start by leaving your razor under running warm water to wash off hairs and any residue after each shave. Ensure you shake out any excess water from the razor in between uses.

Some shaving creams require more than just water to wash off the residue left on the razor. To clean off residue stuck to your razor, you can use dish soap and a soft brush or sponge and the it should slip right off. 

And if you're looking for a deeper clean, a quick dip in rubbing alcohol will also remove any water build up you may not be able to see. After the razor is dry, you may use a gentle household stainless steel cleaner to polish and buff the razor! If you would like to sterilize it, use Barbicide or any other barber-grade cleaners out there intended for stainless steel.

Last, make sure your razor is completely dry before storing it anywhere — this is extremely important to prevent rust on your blade. The easiest way keep this from happening is to give the razor a few good shakes after using it - and ensuring that you store it in the open so that it can air dry.

We have a great Razor Stand available to not only dry your Single Edge, but to also showcase the piece on your bathroom counter. Storing it in a drawer - or worse, the shower - will almost certainly lead to your blades rusting, and depositing onto your razor handle.