Founder's Edit: 5 Fall Essentials

Fall is upon us with that faint chill in the air and the holiday season looming just around the corner. To celebrate all things fall, here's a list of our five favorite things that we just can't get enough of during this season.

TX Whiskey by Firestone & Robertson

Founded as the first artisanal bourbon and whiskey distillery in North Texas, Firestone & Robertson's commitment to old-fashioned craftsmanship shines through in their TX Blended Whiskey. Located just down the street from us, this whiskey is great neat, on the rocks, or mixed up in an old fashioned. This has quickly become our go-to for the perfect sipping whiskey on slow, front porch evenings.

TX Blended Whiskey by Firestone & Robertson

Barbershop Shave Accessories Set

With fall comes a change in the climate our face is exposed to on a daily basis. To ensure our faces stay clean-shaven and moisturized, we use the Barbershop Shave Accessories Set, which includes both Barbershop Tallow Shave Soap and Barbershop Post Shave Tonic. Coupled with our Silvertip Synthetic Brush, the morning experience actually makes us look forward to getting out of bed. And that's saying something.

Barbershop Shave Accessories Set

Six-Cup Classic Chemex

When it comes to coffee, we always savor quality over quantity. After years of trying numerous different brewing methods, we finally settled on the Six-Cup Classic Chemex and it's delicious pour over powers. We typically use local coffee beans, and hand grind them right before starting the pour over process. The result - a smooth, deep bodied cup of coffee. Once you try it, you'll never go back to that Keurig. 

Classic Chemex

Traeger Grill

One thing we Texans are serious about is our meat, and we can honestly say we have never tasted a more mouth-watering brisket than ones smoked with a Traeger Grill. The wood-burning grill truly leaves a delicious smoked flavor to any meat you grill up. And it self-monitors the temperature of your grill throughout the entire cooking process. It's perfect if you're hosting a barbecue, football watching parties, or even a fall gathering with close friends. We've done ribs, pork shoulder, chicken, brisket, burgers, and pizza on our Traeger.

Traeger Grill

Kammok Hammock

When the temperature starts to dip into fall-like weather, we head outdoors. And when we're outdoors, whether hiking or hanging at a local park, we love to read a book or take a nap in our Kammok hammock. The great thing about Kammok hammocks are their ability to be taken anywhere with efficient storage and adjustable straps. 

Kammok Hammock

Those are our favorites for this Fall. What about you? What are some of your go to items for soaking up the cooler weather? Let us know in the comments below.