All The Products Launched On Our Kickstarter Campaign

Single Edge shaving has left the atmosphere.

Because we just launched the first line of safety razors designed for every-body. 

We’re going to get into all the details of each new product over the next week. But, for now, here's a flashy overview of all that's new and available for preorder on Kickstarter HERE.

So, what’s new?

We’re bringing you the next generation of our Single Edge, which happens to be two new safety razors: the Single Edge SE and Single Edge Pro. We went halfway around the world to bring you our new Black Label blades. Plus, we’re keeping all these products firmly in your hands with our new Silicone Grip Sleeves. Add in some custom fit stands and a sleek new shave brush, and you have our new line-up.

This is the time for showing, not telling, though. So, here we go:


Single Edge SE

The SE is opening the door to single blade shaving for every-body.

Beards, bodies, bald heads - we got 'em covered. It doesn't matter who you are or how you shave - this razor is for you.

With these fins, skin can't get in.

Cuts are caused by skin getting trapped underneath the blade as you shave. Our NickStop™ fins are perfectly placed to stop skin from getting stuck under the blade, while still allowing hair to cut clean.

Kind of makes you wonder why nobody else ever thought of it.

Preorder you Single Edge SE HERE.


Single Edge Pro

The Pro is the culmination of six years of work, all while listening to our MVPs - our customers. We’re putting the ease into customizing your shave from start to finish with just a simple click of a dial.

We're giving you all the customization you could ever want right in your hand with our new shave dial. It has six main settings and twenty micro-settings. Easily change your setting mid-shave with just a flick of the thumb.

You can finally have a razor that moves and works with your beard map instead of against it.

Preorder you Single Edge Pro HERE.

Black Label Blades

The perfect razors need a perfect blade. That’s why we went to one of the best steel forgers in the world to bring you our Black Label blades.

Manufactured in Seki City, Japan, these blades combine state-of-the-art technology with the excellence of ancient Japanese steel forging. The result is the sharpest injector blade on the planet.

A sharper blade means a smoother and safer shave. These blades are 100% steel, which makes them 100% recyclable.

Preorder you Black Label Blades HERE.

Silicone Grips for SE and Pro

Our customers have made a simple request for years - and we heard them loud and clear.

We're thrilled to launch our grip sleeves, custom fit for the Single Edge SE and Pro models. We knew you wanted a way to have an even firmer grip on our Single Edge razors, but we didn’t want to sacrifice the sleek design of the handle.

After months of prototyping, we're thrilled with the result.

Available in Black and Silver when you back our Kickstarter.

Preorder you Single Edge Grip Sleeve HERE.

Back Us Today

You can pre-order all these products plus some new razor stands and a new CNC aluminum handle for our incredibly soft Silvertip Synthetic™ shave brush by backing our Kickstarter today.

Check it out HERE.