A Father's Day Note from our Founder

Hey Supply Fam - 

Today, I'm celebrating Father's Day with my two beautiful daughters - a reality I still can't believe exists. 

In case you don't know our story, Jennifer and I tried to start a family for four long years. We tried everything - and came to the conclusion that we might never have kids. 

Every June, Father's Day came as a painful reminder of loss. 

I share this knowing today can be a hard one for so many - and I want you to know that you're not alone. You may be in the same situation that I was. Or missing your dad. Or wishing you had a better one growing up.

Wherever you find yourself today, my hope is to encourage you. Today is a celebration of dads and father figures in our lives. And when I look back on my formative years, I attribute so much growth to the influence of good men in my life - my dad and others included.

In short, this world needs good men.

In the unprecedented chaos of last year, it's been easy to forget how much good there is in this world. In the normal actions of average men making a positive impact in their communities.

I want to encourage you that there's so much good in the small ways we show up. In our family. In our work. In our neighborhoods. 

It might be leaving work on time in order to walk through the door and be fully present with your kids. Or throwing the ball with your neighbor's kids. Or just seeing needs, like lawns mowed, trash cans moved, doors opened, and doing it.

Whether you're a dad, stepdad, grandpa, uncle, godfather, or mentor - I want to say thank you.

You're playing an enormous role in your communities. Keep showing up every day and serving those around you. You're literally changing the world. 

Happy Father's Day,