The All-Knowing, Exhaustive FAQ Blog for our Kickstarter

Alright Single Blade revolutionaries, in case you didn’t already know, we launched a huge Kickstarter campaign on Monday, October 4th. We launched four new products for preorder: two new Single Edge razors, new blades and grips for the new razors.

Launching any new product always comes with A TON of questions. So, instead of making you scroll through the comments section of our Kickstarter campaign, we decided to compile them all right here.

Without further ado, here’s every question you could possibly have about our Kickstarter Campaign.  

(This is a living document and will be updated as we get more questions. If you have a question that you don’t see here contact us. Insider Tip: Use Command+F to search this document.)


What are the SE and Pro made of? Will there be a Stainless-Steel option?

They are both made from solid metal construction using die-cast zinc alloy with physical vapor deposition coating (PVD). This metal and this process are what give us so much confidence in our Lifetime Warranty.

We don’t have a stainless-steel option planned for the SE or Pro. But let us tell you why with a word from our founder:

“For the Pro, the complexity of the design was almost out of the question for manufacturing in stainless steel. There are basically two options for stainless: CNC machining or metal injection molding. The first is completely out of the question from a manufacturability perspective, and the second was way too difficult and expensive to produce such a large, complex part reliably.
For the SE, we also strongly considered it, but it would have required a retail price that was a lot higher than we wanted.
I know it probably doesn't help much, but I've come around quite a bit on Zinc alloys since we originally launched, 6 years ago. You might know we launched offering ONLY stainless steel, and for four years didn't offer an Alloy version. Now, we're headed towards alloy only. Zinc Alloy, when done properly can be a more superior material than Stainless in a few ways.
We're super, super proud of our Alloy models. The coating is Physical Vapor Deposition - it's extremely durable, chip proof, fade free, and overall really high quality. Most razor companies use cheap electroplating which can chip or peel. Ours will not.
We've only been offering Alloy for two years, but there's a reason we've not had to honor a single one of our lifetime warranties on our Alloy models. They don't chip, rust, fade, break, bend, or even cross thread.”
- Patrick Coddou

How does the PRO wheel work? What's the difference between the 6 settings and 30 micro-settings?

First of all, it’s a dial not a wheel. But it’s a new product, so we won’t hold it against you.

The initial 1-6 settings are designed like the 1-3 setting system on the 2.0 model. The difference with the Pro model is an even more customized option. Because between the 1 and 6 settings are 30 micro-settings. You can adjust to any of them without having to worry about the dial moving.  

PRO Setting Breakdown:

If you like the 1-dot Sensitive, use the 1 on PRO

If you like the 2-dot you’ll like the 3 on the PRO

If you like the 3-dot you’ll like 4,5 and 6 on the PRO

When we say even more customizable, we mean it. There’s only .7mm between the 1 setting and 6 setting. That means there’s only hundredths of a millimeter between each micro-setting. This thing is more accurate than Tom Brady after the two-minute warning. It’s more precise than… You get the idea. Tiny adjustments, huge difference.

Can I use the SE setting on the 2.0 model?

Yes, the SE setting will be compatible with the 2.0 model, however, the SE setting will not be sold by itself during our Kickstarter campaign. You must purchase the full handle to receive it in February. We’ll eventually have them available, hopefully sometime early next year.

Is it possible for me to add extra handles to my pledge?

If you want to add extra razors, add up the total of how many razors you want and put that amount in the bonus support section at the bottom of the add-ons screen. After the campaign, you’ll fill out a survey and tell us what you want to do with that pledge money.

To clarify, you'll place the amount in addition to your pledge.  Feel free to let us know now which products you want, but you’ll also get a survey at the end of the campaign where you can field your request.

If you have any other questions, please reach out. We want your experience to be as easy as possible.

What's the difference between the SE and PRO with regards to shave?

The SE is for single blade curious and the PRO is for the enthusiast.

If you are new to using the Single Edge, we recommend going with the SE, but if you are an experienced single blade user, we recommend going with the PRO.

Is my old stand compatible with the new SE and PRO handles? Visa Versa?

The new SE Grip and Stand are compatible with the 2.0 models. The PRO handle is only compatible with its custom stand.

For current Lifetime Members - will I be able to get the new Japanese blades into my free blades subscription?

Yes, the new Japanese Black Label blades can be manually switched into any subscription if requested. The transfer is not automatic.

This option will not be available for customers until early next year. These new black label blade packs will retail at $6 each.

Are the new blades replacing our current blades? Can I still buy the old ones?

No, they aren’t replacing the current White Label blades, customers are still able to purchase those.

NOTE: Eventually, we’ll be changing the name to White Label blades. They’ll come in the same kind of injector pack as the new Black Label blades.

What is the new injector pack made of? What type of plastic?

ABS plastic. They are also 100% recyclable.

What if the SE setting doesn’t offer a close shave? Is there another SE setting?

No additional SE settings, but the SE does offer a very close shave. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Would my other settings be compatible with the SE handle?

Yes, it’s the same handle, just a new setting.

Can I exchange my current handle for the SE or PRO? How would that work since it’s a pre-order?

We are not offering exchanges.

Our return policy will always honor the 100-day trial. So, you are welcome to return your current handle for a refund, and place your order for the new SE or PRO handles. However, these preorders will not ship out until February of 2022.

The pre-order option is only available till November 5th. This means if you wish to return your handle and exchange it for the SE or PRO in December or January, we won’t be able to honor that since the Kickstarter backing ends in November.

What is the brush handle made of?

Solid CNC machined aluminum with an anodized finish.

Are there custom stands for both SE and PRO handles?

Yes, both will come with custom stands. SE stand is compatible with 2.0 and vice versa.

Is the grip color customizable?

No, the grip will only come in Silver and Black for now.

Is the SE only available in Matte Black and Classic Matte?

Yes, the SE will only come in the current Alloy Classic Matte and Matte Black finishes.

Will the grip fit my 2.0 handle?

Yes, the SE grip is a perfect fit for the 2.0 handle.

Should I remove the grip when the handle is drying after a shave?

No, you don’t have to. The grip is designed to stay snug on your handle, which means water won’t build up in between the handle and grip.

Can I use the SE and PRO in the shower?

Yes, but we do recommend using the grip if you are shaving in the shower with any Single Edge handle. 

What's the difference between the Japanese blades and the old ones?

The difference between the Black Label Japanese blades and the current White Label blades has to do with personal preference. Some customers will find that their skin is more compatible with one over the other.

We partnered with one of the world’s oldest blade manufacturers in Japan to make them extra sharp. It’s more about which handle is better for your skin rather than which blade.

We start you off with our sharpest blades. If you find your skin doesn’t agree with those blades, or want something less sharp, you can try the White Label blades.

Will the new injector pack work with my 2.0 handle?

Yes, the new black label injector packs are compatible with the 2.0 model and all versions of our Single Edge razor.

How do the fins work and what’s the benefit of the SE?

The SE fins guide the hair to the blade. They stop your skin from getting caught under the blade and allow hair to pass through for a clean, precision-close shave. They allow you to safely shave anywhere on your body.

And they speed up the process of body shaving, because the fins protect the skin while still giving a close shave.

Will there still only be 8 blades per pack with the new injector packs?

Yes, and they should still last up to 3 months of regular shaving!

What handle would you recommend for shaving your legs/armpits/head?

We recommend using the SE for any and all body shaving needs. The PRO is primarily designed for face, neck, or beard trimming.

Can we get these in time for Christmas?

Unfortunately, not. Both the SE and PRO are only available for preorder at the moment and won’t ship out until February of 2022.

If you're wanting something by Christmas, we recommend purchasing on Black Friday when we will be offering the best deals.

If I order now, when will I get it?

All preorder purchases will ship in February 2022.

Will the 2.0 still be available? Or will it be discontinued and replaced with SE and PRO?

The 2.0 models will eventually be discontinued around the time the SE and PRO are in stock. There may be a little overlap, and we plan to keep a few 2.0 handles on hand at Supply HQ.

How do I avoid water build up with the PRO?

The PRO handle is designed to allow water to flow out of the drain hole at the base of the razor head. You can pop the cover open with the injector key and snap it back in. We recommend rinsing the interior of the PRO head once a month using a small toothbrush or pipe cleaner.

How do I clean the PRO?

Soapy water and toothbrush. Pop it open and make sure to thoroughly rinse it.

How do I make sure the PRO Dial doesn’t move while shaving?

We’ve spent the last two years making sure the shave dial is firmly set once you’ve made the adjustment to the setting. Click in place, and you're set.

What do the micro-settings do? How do they work?

The 30 micro-settings allow you to fine-tune your shave to your preference.

Each micro setting is a .03 millimeter adjustment. That's ⅓ the width of a human hair. It's amazing what changing even a .03 mm can do to your shave.

Do I still have to avoid using pressure with the SE and PRO?

Yes, but the SE is much more forgiving if you do use pressure.

How have you improved on the internal spring with the new injector pack?

We’ve increased the strength and stiffness of the spring. It will push the new blade to the top without causing it to get stuck in the pack.

Did you solve the dull blade problem?

The new Black Label blades are made from a much higher quality. They are made by one of the best steel manufacturers in the world in Seki City, Japan. We wanted to offer a consistently sharp blade and we know the Black Label blades deliver.

We’ve improved the overall loading procedure during manufacturing, which means the pack is now designed, so the blades won’t move in the pack. 

Do the new Japanese blades last as long or longer than the current blades?

They definitely last as long as our current White Label blades: 8-10 shaves.

Did you only change the brush handle or is this a brand new brush?

It’s the same silver tip bristle fibers, but a brand new handle.

Is the brush handle slippery?

No, the anodized finish gives the matte handle a solid grip.

What does “live free” mean?

At Supply, we believe in freedom in every area of life. We started our company to create freedom from dry, irritated, and unhealthy skin. We know that smooth, healthy skin gives people more confidence when they walk out their door every day.

We want this confidence to translate into freedom throughout your day. You can have more confidence in the way you look, giving you the freedom who you were made to be.

What will the prices be for the SE and PRO?


SE: $49

PRO: $69

(We may change PRO to $79)

Does the PRO need to be on a certain setting when you insert the blade?

No. Once you find your ideal setting, you can leave it there.

What happens if someone has a warranty issue and the 2.0 is sold anymore?

We’ll take them as they come. We’re going to keep a small stock of 2.0’s at Supply HQ. We’re also going to keep stock of the 2.0 settings and screws.

Are the SE and PRO handles rust-proof?


Are the new Japanese blades rust-proof?

Yes - but you want to store them in a dry location. All blades will rust if left in moist areas.

On the PRO handle, how do I know which setting to use on my face vs. my neck?

It’s entirely a personal preference. You really need to be well acquainted with your face.

In more sensitive areas, we recommend using the sensitive (1 and 2) settings. Typically, that would be for the neck and mouth areas. You can use a more aggressive setting for your cheeks.

Did you change the length of the handle with the SE or PRO?

We slightly changed the PRO handle, but they both weigh the same.

Dimensions: SE (4.3 in). PRO (4.4 in).

Weights: SE (92 Grams). PRO (92 Grams).

How does the SE and PRO work with shaving the mouth/chin/jawline area?

The SE will lift and guide hair to the blade while protecting your skin from nicks and cuts. You can use it all over your face. But if you know that some areas are more sensitive than others, we recommend slowing down over those areas.

The PRO is adjustable. We think you’ll find that you prefer different settings for different areas of your face and neck. That’s why we built the Dial right into the handle. You’ll be able to change settings with a move of your thumb.

What if I have a Mirror Polish or Jet Black handle but want the new SE setting?

Unfortunately, the new SE setting will only be available in the Classic Matte and Matte Black finishes.

Can you do customized engravings on the SE and PRO like the Supply logo?

No. We don't have that capability unfortunately.

What makes the PRO more advanced than other wheel adjustable handles on the market?

What makes the Pro unique are the 30 micro-settings allowing you to fine-tune your shave to your preferences. Each micro-setting is a .03 millimeter adjustment.

It’s easy to adjust with a small move of your thumb because our shave dial is built right into the handle of the razor. Other adjustable safety razors aren’t ergonomically designed and the adjustments aren’t as precise as ours.  

Why is the PRO more expensive than the SE?

The price is reflective of the advanced technology available in the PRO, which in turn results in higher costs to manufacture.

The shave dial offers more customization than the 2.0, which in turn offers a more precise shave.

Why are the Japanese blades called Black Label blades?

We wanted a title that reflected the quality of the blades. These premium blades deserved a premium title.

Does the brush handle come in other colors besides the Matte Black?

The new brush will come in two finishes: Matte Black and Classic Matte.

Are blades for the SE and PRO proprietary to your company?

No. You can find them on Amazon, Walmart, some convenience stores and many other sites.

Can the PRO be used for body shaving?

Yes. However, we would still recommend the SE over the Pro for body shaving.

What makes the SE better for body shaving?

The NickStop™ technology made possible by our 16 precision fins. They stop the skin from getting caught in the blade, which is what causes nicks, cuts and irritation in the first place.

What keeps the SE and PRO clog-free?

The safety bars on both handles are designed to allow hair and shaving cream to pass through. They have large enough channels for an unobstructed, rinse-free design.

Can black men use the SE and PRO handle?

Yes. It’s perfect for men with curly or wirey, coarse hair. The SE is better for coarse, curly hair, but both will help with irritation and eliminating ingrown hairs.

The SE’s fins will separate, lift and guide hair to the blade. So, if you have curly or coarse facial hair, we think you’ll discover the SE offers a superior shave.  

Why should I still buy the 2.0 if these new handles are better?

The benefit of purchasing the 2.0 right now is that it still gives you an incredible shave, and you can get them NOW.

The 2.0 has similar features to the PRO, but at a lower price. It will also be your last chance to get our Single Edge in the stainless-steel finish.  

How does the SE and Pro compare to DE, multi-blade handles?

Using a DE safety razor requires you to change each blade by hand, increasing your risk of slicing your hands and fingers. And because the blades are thinner, you’ll have to change them more often, creating an even greater risk of injury. Injector blades allow you to change the blade without ever having to touch the new blade.

The weight of our Single Edge is a drastic difference from many DE razors on the market right now. We aren’t going to pull the veil over your eyes and say there aren’t DE razors with a good weight, but we are going to say that we believe in our Single Edge more than any other razor. The weight of the Single Edge takes the pressure out of shaving. You don’t have to press down to get the close shave you’re looking for. Simply place the head of the razor against your skin and let the weight of the body and the sharpness of the blade do the work.

The angle of the blade against your skin is less dramatic (& easier to find) than most DE razors. While a DE razor requires you to hold the razor 30 degrees from your face making shaving an awkward and unnatural experience, the Single Edge only requires 10-15 degrees. This is what we mean when we say it’s a more intuitive shave. 

Do I have to buy a grip? Is it that slippery?

No, the grip sleeve is just for extra grip. If you love shaving in the shower, we’d definitely recommend a grip.

Who makes your new Japanese blades?

The blades are made by the oldest blade manufacturer in Japan out of Seki City, Japan. We won’t be revealing the name of our manufacturer ever.

We don’t know how you feel about that, but we love having a secretive Japanese business partner. It’s like a Bond movie.

Are the new handles still made in China?


Can I travel with the SE and PRO?

Yes, but without the blade installed.

With the PRO, the blade is trapped in the handle so you won't be able to remove the blade for travel unless you used a small tool to push the blade through.

TSA does state that because the blades in safety razors are easy to take out, they are not permitted in carry-on luggage.

Will the SE and PRO fit in the current Travel Case?

Yes - PRO is a tight fit, but still works. No wiggle room. Just position it with the blade facing up.

Will the new brush handle scratch on the marble bowl?

Yes. We’re working on improving the handle in this area.

How do I care for the new metal brush handle?

Same as the old brush. Just make sure to give it a good shake to get rid of excess water, then leave it out to dry.

Can women use the SE and PRO?

Yes, women are welcome to use both SE and PRO handles, but all the women in our office recommend using the SE for leg and armpit shaving.

Is there still a lifetime warranty attached to the SE and PRO?

You know it.

How did you improve the SE fins from the beta setting I tried?

We made the setting metal and slimmed the profile. We also made the rinse channel free of obstructions.

Out of the 2.0, SE and PRO, which handle works best for beginners?

The SE handle is the best for beginners. The fins will help keep the skin from getting caught in the blade, delivering a more forgiving shave.

What does NickStop™ technology mean?

With these fins, skin can't get in. There are 16 precision fins, perfectly placed to keep skin from getting trapped under the blade.

What does ergonomic mean?

Ergonomics is the study of people in their working environment. One aspect is how well their tools work with their physical body.

So, we look at your restroom, or shaving den, as your working environment for grooming. The Single Edge is your tool in that environment. We created our razors to work with your body, not against it. The handle fits well into your hand. The angle of the shave is more intuitive than other safety razors. This makes using our Single Edge razors easier on you. Instead of you adjusting your body to work with our razors, we created a razor that adjusts to you.

Ergonomic design promised. Ergonomic design delivered. We hope you love it.

What is the grip made of? Is it environmentally friendly?

Silicone. It’s 100% recyclable.

How are the new Japanese blades sharper?

Japanese blade manufacturing tech is some of the most advanced in the world. Their techniques creates a super fine edged blade.

The sharpest blades in the world have been in production there since the 13th century. And we’ve taken all that technology and history and put it into our Black Label blades.

What’s the benefit of preordering vs. waiting to order when it comes out?

You get exclusive Kickstarter pricing and an opportunity to make these products come alive.

And you’ll be one of the first to receive and use our new gear.

Added bonus: you’ll have our eternal gratitude for believing in us and our products. We can’t say “Thank You” enough.

Why do you take my money and then, I have to wait months for the item?

This is how Kickstarter works. You make a pledge and pay upfront. Then, we'll keep you very updated until we deliver the product in February 2022.

We wrote a blog to explain the whole process. 

Do blades already come with the SE and PRO?

You will get a pack of our new Black Label blades with your Single Edge SE or PRO. The pack contains 8 Japanese steel blades that last up to 3 months of regular shaving.

Why are the SE and PRO cheaper than the 2.0?

The SE handle is less expensive because it only comes with one setting unlike the 2.0 handle which ships with three shave settings.

We’ve also improved our manufacturing process, so the packaging will be less expensive as well. We’ve been working to offer a high-quality product at a lower price point, so more people can experience the Single Edge difference.

Can I return things on Kickstarter?

There aren’t returns for Kickstarter products. Because it is a funding platform, these aren’t traditional orders, but rewards.