Can I use the Single Edge to shave my head?

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It’s true. The Single Edge was designed with exact specifications for a close, comfortable face shave. However, it’s precision shave doesn't stop there. Head shavers can also get an excellent shave using The Single Edge. 

Here are a few of our tips and tricks for getting the best head shave out of The Single Edge. Be sure to stick around to the end, where you can read some real reviews (and watch a video review) from our head shaving customers.

Practice Makes Perfect

Technique with the Single Edge takes 2-3 shaves to get used to, whether you are a face or head shaver. The reason - there are usually some really bad habits we've picked up over the years from using multi-blade cartridge razors, specifically the habit of pressing down to achieve a closer shave.

We advise customers to practice and perfect their technique on their face first before moving to shaving their head.

Tools You May Need

While our Single Edge gets most of the attention, it doesn’t end there. Here are a few recommendations from our grooming collection that can optimize your head shaving experience!

For starters, the Ultra Lather Shaving Cream can do wonders to prep and protect your scalp. The lather is rich in all-natural ingredients, like organic tallow and shea butter, that are more enriching for your skin since they are alcohol and chemical free.

Our Custom Shave Settings come in handy for men who have beard growth on both ends of the beard spectrum. The sensitive (1 dot) shave setting is for those with sensitive skin and/or soft hair growth. The aggressive (3 dots) shave setting easily mows down thick, wiry hair. Think of the settings like the clippers at your barber shop. They adjust the amount of blade exposure that comes in contact with your face or head.

Finally, our Healing Post Shave is aloe vera based, instead of alcohol, which cools, heals and restores balance to your skin. We've even had some customers notice their skin's complexion clear up as a result.

Tips for Head Shaving

Here’s a previous blog post, Head Shaving 101, that gives you a play-by-play breakdown on how to receive the best head shave with our Single Edge razor! Remember, a stellar shave with optimal results is not due to any one component, but rather the combination of everything that goes into creating the experience. Make the most of it.

Reviews from our Head Shaving Customers

We'll be honest - not every head shaver loves our razor. And we get that. But the number of happy customers who love to use our razor on their head significantly outweighs those who do not. Here are a few honest reviews from real customers:


"This razor has quickly become my go to for shaving my head. Smooth, comfortable, efficient. Could not ask for a better experience."

"I’ve been using cartridge razors since I started shaving, and I shave my head and my face at this point. You have to move a little slower and carefully with the Supply razor, but it works great. Also, with the blades being pretty cheap, you can always have a sharp razor and clean shave. Overall, very nice quality. May not be for everyone, but I like it so far."

“I really enjoy the razor. It is now my "go to" for a close head shave. The weight makes it very easy to use. Try not to put pressure on the razor. The blades are first class. Better than other competitors and equally priced.”

“I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the outstanding engineering and service. I had some initial issues with nicks and such when I first used my Single Edge, but after reviewing tutorials and proper shaving cream techniques, I think I have it down. I just love the products and tell everyone about it. I now use it on my beard and my clean head. My advice to anyone: Get it. Try it. Stick with it, and perfect your own routine. Shaving is an art form.”

"There is definitely more technique involved in using this than using a multi-blade razor, but once I got a hang of this one, it was just like wiping the hair off my face. I quickly got braver and started using it on my head, which presented another learning curve. Now I can shave faster than I ever did with my multi-blade razors. This thing is seriously great!"

“I'm a black man who shaved my head for years. It's never been easy. But now, I just take a hot bath until I sweat, and my hair gets soft. Then, I use the aggressive setting on the Supply razor to shave. It takes half an hour maximum, and my skin is perfect. This razor is just perfect for me. Just watch out for cuts and nicks when shaving your head, because it does take training. I don't see it happening on the face, because shaving the face is easy. Thanks Supply for a wonderful product and excellent customer service.”

“I purchased the Supply 2.0 after disappointments with double edge safety razors. I have heavy beard growth, plus I also shave my head. I ordered the Supply 2.0, and to say I was skeptical was an understatement. However, my trust in the owners and their sincerity sold me. I purchased on Tuesday evening, and I had my razor on Friday. The first shave was surprisingly smooth, no nicks or cuts. The second and third were even better. I have since placed an order for the custom settings kit and look forward to shaving with the different settings. I like the simplicity of design and now I look forward to shaving.”

“This razor is GORGEOUS. But ok, big deal, how does it shave? Well, I did lots of research and watched some reviews that raved about it, so I was hoping it would be just as good for me. I have to say - it is amazing. So effortless, clean and close shaves. Even against the grain, which was always a no go for me. With this one, I get no irritation at all. Against the grain I would look like I was in the meat grinder, but with this razor, hardly a nick! I couldn't believe it! Some pimples become casualties, but that's not really the razor's fault. I am extremely happy with this razor and it’s a keeper. I shaved my head with it as well and that was quick and effortless. Just love it. Love holding and looking at it.”

“I feel this is a wonderful product and have enjoyed using it immensely. For those who shave their heads, this will do the job quite nicely. You just have to pay attention to the angle, which is not hard. The balance is incredible, and the head of the razor is built in such a way that you will naturally find the correct blade angle with minimal effort. Overall great product and would buy again.”

"I bought the Supply razor to shave my head. So far, it works better than expected. I would recommend the Supply Razor to anyone seeking a specialty razor for their head."

Review from YouTube

We have some amazing customers who have shared their head shaves with the Single Edge on their YouTube channel. You can check out our favorite video at the link below:

Head Shave with Another Cut Above