The Tesla of Razors.

Put the satisfaction back in shaving.


Every time you use a multi-blade razor, there's a solid chance you'll suffer from irritation, redness, or ingrown hairs. That's because multi-blade razors are designed to cut your hair below the surface of your skin.

The Single Edge razor cuts your hair precisely at the surface of your skin – ensuring that each strand can continue to grow normally.

A man's reflection using the Single Edge Razor on a mirror


Carefully engineered to provide you with a perfect shave, the Single Edge razor is your personal grooming genie. It grants you three wishes: freedom from ingrown hairs and irritation, freedom to feel on top of the world after you shave, and a sturdy tool that stays with you for a lifetime.

Hands reloading the injector cartridge


Reload with a Click.

Included with your razor are eight sturdy blades (a 90-day supply) packed into a custom-built cartridge. The injector mechanism lets you replace each blade with a satisfying click, avoiding all contact between your fingers and the cutting edge.

Best of all? The blades are non-proprietary – meaning you can get them easily, anywhere.

An easy introduction to single-blade razors, facilitating a close shave with fewer bumps and ingrown hairs.

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Shaves directly at the surface of your skin, providing a closer and more comfortable shave than multi-blade razors.

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Washing the Single Edge Razor by Supply

Lifetime Warranty

Built for Your Grandkids.

When we designed and tested the Single Edge, we didn't cut corners. Only hairs.

We crafted the razor exclusively from components that we're confident will last for generations.

That's why any defects in materials or workmanship will earn you a full refund or replacement – even if you're a hundred years old when those defects become apparent.


When you choose a razor, it's easy to feel torn between price and quality. At one end, next to stacks of discounted toothpaste, you find the $9 supermarket razor with its half-dozen brittle blades. And at the other end you find what seems to be a luxury item: classier, sturdier, but indisputably more expensive.

But a product that's built to last isn't really a luxury – it's a wise investment. In the long run, it's more cost-effective than buying disposable razors.

Another bonus? The amount of plastic waste you'll avoid by owning something that endures for a lifetime.

A hand placing the single edge razor on a razor stand

One of our favorites . . . a close, smooth shave from a simple single-blade design, but without the fuss.


The best safety razor for head shaving.

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