You found the razor that got us a deal on Shark Tank, and brought in over 2,000 5-Star Reviews.

But we are no longer selling the 2.0.

That's good news for you, though.

Because we just released two NEW UPGRADES to the Single Edge 2.0.

The Single Edge SE and the Single Edge Pro

Farewell to the 2.0
Farewell to the 2.0

When we launched the Single Edge 2.0 in 2017, we didn’t know it would be as successful as it has been.

It was the most successful safety razor campaign on Kickstarter. It was featured in GQ, Men's Health and Newsweek. It introduced single blade shaving to men and women all over the world.

We are so grateful for its success and for everyone who made it possible. It's been a great five year run. We love it so much that we had it bronzed.

The Future of Single Edge Shaving Is here
The Future of Single Edge Shaving Is here

The 2.0 has thousands of reviews. Most are great. Some not so great. They showed us we had two sets of customers. One group was asking for a safety razor that was safer and easier to use. One group wondered if they could ever have a safety razor that gave them the power to customize their shave to their face.

We told them both, "yes".

Check out this video introducing our new razors & shaving with them


The SE has all the convenience of a multi-blade razor with all the quality of a Single Edge.

Our NickStopTM Technology reduces nicks and cuts by 75%. It’s driven by 16 precision fins that lift and guide your hair to the blade while protecting your skin. We made it for your face, but this is also the first safety razor designed for every-body.

You can take the SE anywhere north or south of your face with complete confidence.


The Pro is putting unrivaled customization in the palm of your hand with our new Shave Dial.

It has 6 main settings and 30 micro-settings. You’ll be able to customize your shave to your face with just a move of your thumb.  

What does this mean for all our beloved 2.0 owners?

No, we will not. When we are out of 2.0 inventory, we will no longer carry it. We are sticking with the old saying, “Out with the old, in with the new.”

We will keep a limited inventory of replacement parts. So, if you happen to lose a setting or need a new screw, we will definitely be able to help you out. We want to keep our loyal 2.0 owners satisfied.

Single Edge 2.0 owners will be able to upgrade to the Supply SE without buying a whole new razor. The SE setting is made to fit on the 2.0. You will be able to purchase the SE setting separate from a new razor handle.

However, if you want to get the Supply Pro, you’ll have to go all in. It’s an all-new razor and the custom shave dial is built right into the new handle. We don’t want to go too in depth here, but we promise it will be worth every penny.

Of course! We love our White Label Blades and we just released our new Black Label Blades. We wouldn’t make two new razors that don’t work with our industry-leading injector blades.

We are a single blade injector-style safety razor company forever.

We will honor all lifetime warranties. The Supply SE handle will work with all your 2.0 settings. So, should your basically indestructible 2.0 handle meet some untimely demise, we will gladly replace it with an SE handle.

We love the 2.0, but like we said, it’s time to say goodbye because…