Grip Sleeve
Grip Sleeve
Grip Sleeve
Grip Sleeve
Grip Sleeve
Grip Sleeve
Grip Sleeve

Grip Sleeve

Custom Silicone Grips for Your SE

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It's time to take total control of your Single Edge shave. Our Grip Sleeve’s ribbed edges let you take your SE or Pro over and around every angle and sensitive area with safety and confidence. It doesn’t matter if your hands are wet or covered in shaving cream, the sleeve won’t let you lose your grip.
Made from 100% Silicone with a custom fit for the SE and 2.0 Razors - you get maximum hold without taking away from the sleek, minimal design of your Single Edge.   



Why silicone?
Because it’s amazing. We’re being serious. Silicone stretches but it holds it shape. It’s recyclable, so you don’t have to worry about your shave increasing your carbon footprint. It allowed us to create grip that fit perfectly over the SE and Pro handles without diminishing their beautiful design.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
If you shave in the shower - get this

If you shave in the shower and have a magical way to apply shave cream and keep your hands from getting slick, skip this purchase. If your hands get super slick after applying shave lotion, this sleeve is a must-have to ensure a solid grip on your razor. Highly recommended. Buy it with your razor so you don't get the shipping charge.

Scott Gordon
Grip Sleeve

Beneficial to keeps wet hands from slipping

Lloyd Broadwater

Because the Pro is so slick, its handle so short and the head so heavy, the Grip Sleeve is essential to a good grasp.

Steve Corso
Great addition

This is a big plus. I use the razor to trim around my beard- neckline and cheekline, so I have to be precise and this helps greatly.

Christopher Davis
No slip Grip!

The Right accessory for an excellent razor

Robert Neiman
How to make a great Razor even GREATER!

I recently purchased the Supply SE Razor & was amazed at the closeness of the shave & the absence of any nicking or burning……but the sleek handle would occasionally slip a bit due to the lather. Well, that is no longer an issue with the rubberized grip sleeve! No slippage, no sliding, no mishandling…..this little addition has made the Supply SE EVEN GREATER!!!!!

Mark Baran
A bit tight

It arrived safely, but even after lubricating it, the sleeve was very tight and ripped in one spot. I didn’t want to push my luck, so I left it alone. Not happy with the tear.

robert schiffman

Was correct improvement.

Syed Syazmir

The grip is great after knowing how to install it using the handsoap trick.

However, I'm still waiting for the "Rattling" Pro razor fix.

John H
A good accessory

I have never really had a problem holding onto my Supply razors. However, I find the grip sleeve gives just that little bit of added confidence to my hold on my 2.0. And the black colour blends in perfectly with my matte black 2.0. Well worth the price.