Creating a Solid Post-Shave Routine

An epic shave deserves an epic ending. Once you finish your final pass, you might think your shave is complete, but you would be missing out on the rewarding benefits of a solid post-shave routine.

Skip the alcohol-based aftershave. We've got a few tips that will elevate your entire shave to the next level.



Just like during preparation, water is still your best friend! This time, however, you will want to use cold water instead of hot. Not only will it be refreshing after a close single blade shave, but rinsing off with cold water will actually help tighten and close up your pores. Added benefits include calming down any nicks you may have experienced during the shave and washing off any excess residue from shaving cream to your stray hairs.


Dry Off

Now that you’ve cooled off, it’s time to dry off your beard. This may sound overly simple, but there is a way to mess this up. Make sure you dab and don’t rub! Rubbing with a towel can cause friction on your freshly shaved and exposed skin, which in turn increases the chance of irritation. This is why we recommend dabbing skin with a clean, dry towel.


Post Shave Product

Possibly the most important part of your post shave routine is your actual post shave product. Throughout your shave, your skin goes through quite a bit. Think about it: you are using a sharp metal blade to sweep hair off your bare skin! Because of this, most skin is prone to drying out after a close shave. This is why it’s very important to lock in moisture as soon as possible! Make sure your post shave product is loaded with all-natural ingredients that will heal and restore balance to skin.

Shameless plug for our Healing Post Shave if you're in the market. Unlike the harsh alcohol alternatives, ours is loaded with soothing aloe vera and toning witch hazel. Plus the scents are created by signature blends of essential oils that are totally wife-approved.

Wanting tips for prepping your next shave? We got you covered. Check out our previous post How to Create an Epic Pre-Shave Routine. It's time to get the best shave you've ever had.