How To Hold Your Single Edge

These aren't plastic, throw-away razors. The SE and Pro are made from solid metal, giving them heft, weight, and a different feel from any other razor you've held.

A heavy razor? It's a good thing, because the razor does all the work. You don't.

Part of the journey to epic shaves is learning how to hold it throughout the duration of your shave. Here's our step-by-step guide for your next great shave.

Step #1: Dry Hands

Starting out with dry hands will allow you to get a good grip as you prepare to mow down hair growth.

You can also try out one of our Grip Sleeves. We made them to give you a more secure handle on your razor, especially if you're a shower shaver. 

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Another customer hack? Adding a small amount of alum on the hands improve the gripability of your razor during the shave.

Step #2: Three Finger Grip

Using your dominant hand, hold the middle of your handle between your thumb and your middle finger. Then, place your index finger on the back of the razor to balance and guide short, light strokes. 

Be sure to let the weight of the fully metal razor do all the work. No need to hulk smash the razor to get a closer shave.

Step #3: Keep It Light

Cradling the razor with the rest of your fingers, take light strokes moving with the grain of your beard growth. You should be using the same amount of pressure that you would use if you were shaving a balloon. 

Keep it light and easy.


Step #4: The Upside Down

Sometimes to stay with the grain, you'll have to adjust your grip. This is next level. Flip the razor and repeat the three finger grip - but upside down. Perfect for neck hair or a beard that has a mind of it's own.

Step #5: Keep It Natural

When in doubt, do what feels natural and don't overthink it. These are suggestions, but we know all beards and shaves are unique. Enjoy the adventure and tag us with your shave. Sharing is caring.

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