How Do Our Blades Compare to Others?

So you're thinking about making the switch to a Single Edge. Your only hesitation? The blades. How do they compare? Are they proprietary?

Have no fear. We're here to squash concerns and bring you over to the light side.


Over 100 Years & Counting

Our injector blades are not proprietary and have actually been in production for over 100 years in the United States. Obviously, we did our research and believe the blades we sell on our site are the best quality and performance, but you do have options.

Any standard injector blade is compatible with the Single Edge. Brands like Schick and Personna make their own blade pack that works great with the Single Edge. The choice is yours.


Injector Blades vs. Cartridge Blades

One of the most common questions we're asked is "how can one blade give a better shave than five?" It's science really. Multi-blade razors cut hair beneath the surface of the skin, causing irritation and ingrown hairs. They're designed for the first blade to lift up the hair and the following blades to cut beneath the surface of the skin.

An injector blade is made up of a single stainless steel blade that cuts at the surface of the skin, eliminating razor burn and ingrown hairs. An extremely close shave without razor burn is possible.

Added bonus: Injector blades are both better for the environment and cheaper than multi-blade counterparts. Our blade pack ships with 8 blades in a fully recyclable container. Plus, at $6 a pack, you'll end up paying $24 for a full year of shaves. 


Injector Blades vs. Double Edge (DE) Blades

Until the Single Edge, any time a safety razor is mentioned it most likely refers to a double edge razor. One of the main obvious differences between a Single Edge blade and DE blade is that our blades have one sharp edge while the DE blade has two sharp cutting edges. 

This double edge leads to a tricky blade change: unwrapping the blade, carefully handling it while installing it on the safety razor, and figuring out a way to discard the used blade in a safe way. Unfortunately, it's super easy to nick and cut yourself before a DE blade ever meets your face.

Changing out a blade in the Single Edge is much easier due to the unique injector blade pack that ships with the razor. Just insert the key. Push the lever forward. Insert a new blade. Eject the old one. Done. Plus - our blade pack comes with a slot to store used blades until you're ready to recycle the entire pack.

The last major difference is the thickness of the blade. An injector blade is twice as thick as a standard DE blade and tends to last users almost twice as long - if not longer. Our injector pack holds 8 stainless steel injector blades and last our customers up to 3 months of shaving.

Injector Blades vs Electric Razors

Electric razors are notorious for leaving behind stubble and patches of hair, causing you to go over the same spot repeatedly to get a clean shave. Even after multiple passes, the shave is not nearly as efficient compared to a single blade safety razor.

They also tend to get clogged easily from shaving over an extended period of time and are a hassle to clean, even with the right tools. In contrast, the Single Edge and it's blade rinse with ease, so you're back shaving in no time. And our three-piece design allows you to completely disassemble your razor when you want a more thorough cleaning.

Convinced, yet? If not, our 100 day trial period should do just the trick. Try it for 100 days. If it's not for you, send it back. No questions.

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