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5 Reasons Why Thousands of Men are switching to this new razor

5 Reasons Why Thousands of Men are switching to this new razor

Used by 100,000+ Men

100-Day Trial + Lifetime Warranty


  • "Supply's single-blade, perfectly weighted razors take the guesswork out of safety-razor shaving."

  • "The Cadillac of Razors!"

  • "Still, our pick for the best safety razor goes to Supply, the brand that also makes safety shaving easy for beginners"


Save THOUSANDS on Razor Blades

The average man will spend an astonishing $20,000 on razor blades over a lifetime. With Supply's Single-blade razor, you'll only spend $32 a year on blades. That's an incredible saving that frees up your budget for the things that truly matter.

Why waste money on overpriced cartridges when you can invest in a cost-effective and superior shaving experience with Supply?


No More Razor Burn or Ingrown Hairs

The cheap, plastic multi-blade razor that you're probably using tugs and cuts hair underneath the surface of his skin which leads to painful razor burn and ingrown hairs.

The Supply razors precise single-blade design glides across his face, cutting the hair at the surface leading to a irritation-free shave.


The Last Razor You'll Ever Buy

Supply's razors are built with solid-metal to withstand the test of time. Each razor comes with a lifetime warranty so if anything ever happens we'll be there to replace it.


Best Shave of Your Life. Guaranteed.

Supply's precise single-blade design will give you the best shave of your life. If for any reason, you don't get the best shave of your life with your Supply razor return it within 100 days for a full-refund. No questions asked.


Find the Perfect Razor for YOUR Skin

Your shave, your choice. With two different versions available, the Supply SE and Supply Pro, you can get the perfect razor for your skin.

Both options boast our signature quality and design, but with subtle differences to suit every individual. Take our short quiz to be matched with the perfect Supply razor for you!

What Supply Shavers are Saying:

I hated shaving. But something about the SE captured my imagination. Feeling the smooth glide of the single edge breezingly take away the stubble, leaves my face feeling silky clean. Shaving is no longer a chore.

Chad Willard

Verified Buyer

I didn’t think it would work for me. After a couple weeks of using this razor and having to shave every day for my job, I have really begun to like this razor. It doesn’t cut me like my other razors would. I don’t get razor bumps or irritated skin like I do with the other razors. This is a great product and the ads you see about it are truthful.

Paul Boyd

Verified Buyer

I’m moving out of the country for two years and won’t have access to blades, so I had to find a razor that would be cheap over the two years. For all black label blades to last 2 1/4 years only cost $80 for daily shaving! That’s $40 a year, versus $125-$150 a year from other brands. So so worth it!!

Anthony Ryder

Verified Buyer