Marble Shaving Bowl

Solid White Marble

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Handcrafted from solid white marble, our shave bowl design is a piece you’ll want to display. The micro-ridges on the interior surface of the bowl whip up a soft, pillowy lather in seconds.

Smart Materials

Smart Materials

Marble has a thermal conductivity three times greater than ceramic, which means it holds a hot lather longer. Warm up your bowl by filling it with hot water and letting it soak for a minute or so while you prep for your shave.
Expert Craftsmanship

Expert Craftsmanship

Subtle, pale gray markings intrinsic to the stone give depth and dimension. Our marble shaving bowl is crafted entirely by hand and polished to a lustrous finish.

Customer Reviews

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Lots of Lather

Solid construction and the ridges insides are great for building lather.

Love Love Love

Not only do I love the marble bowl but this is the best shaving experience in my life. I’m only 45 and have been shaving for 25 plus years. The lathering is amazing. It only takes a small amount less than a dime size.

Marble Bowl

Fits perfectly in my hand, and helps make an abundance of lather.
So glad I purchased it !

Classy and functional shave accessory - glad I could find it in stock

I first tried the Supply razor in early 2019, but the marble accessories seemed to be harder to find than a 30-series GPU from NVIDIA these days. Finally found it in stock and bought it to replace my older bowl.

I'm quite happy with the look, feel, and function. It's a bit smaller than my other bowl, which suggests that it's meant for a cream shaving soap like Supply sells, rather than the soap pucks I use, but it works just fine, cleans up well, and looks beautiful on my bathroom vanity.

A great purchase and value

This is a great piece for a shaving kit. Study and hefty, the perfect size. Couldn't ask for more for the price!


The marble shaving bowl helps work the cream into a very nice lather, fits perfectly in the palm of the hand, and is visually appealing. Excellent addition to the set.

Lather Galore

It took several days to work out but now I can’t imagine shaving without it. Thanks for the fine product!!


Very sturdy bowl and looks great on my bathroom sink.

Nice quality and size

The bowl looks great and has good weight. The inside ridges speed up the foam creation for soaps. If you use the cream, then you really don't need this bowl, but I bought in anyway :)

I am not sure why the heat retention isn't better though. The bowl gets hot for when I whip up the foam--I put the bowl and brush under hot water while I get ready--but then the bowl cools off really quickly, so any second or third passes are cold.

The biggest up side for me is that it looks awesome, and the price is very fair.

Great Accesory!

Works great for mixing the lather and loading your brush. It looks nice too!