Marble Shaving Bowl

Solid White Marble

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Handcrafted from solid white marble, our shave bowl design is a piece you’ll want to display. The micro-ridges on the interior surface of the bowl whip up a soft, pillowy lather in seconds.

Marble Shaving Bowl
$24 $0
Smart Materials

Smart Materials

Marble has a thermal conductivity three times greater than ceramic, which means it holds a hot lather longer. Warm up your bowl by filling it with hot water and letting it soak for a minute or so while you prep for your shave.
Expert Craftsmanship

Expert Craftsmanship

Subtle, pale gray markings intrinsic to the stone give depth and dimension. Our marble shaving bowl is crafted entirely by hand and polished to a lustrous finish.

Customer Reviews

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Works great!

I’ve had a few other shaving bowls and none have worked as well as this one. This is basically exactly what I was looking for, round, low and wide enough that the brush doesn’t hit and clink the edges when you lather it up, ridges or a rough interior so that it helps the lather, and looks great. I honestly don’t know why so many other miss the mark. It really looks great on my counter too.

Natural and great to use!

Love that it’s made from marble, authentic natural marble at that! It’s so easy to whip up a rich lather in it thanks to the grooves on the inside of the bowl. Buy this and you won’t be disappointed.

Really sturdy, stylish bowl for a super reasonable price

This bowl is quality marble, feels great just to pick up. Holds the Supply badger brush perfectly too, kind of locking it onto the rim of the bowl. Pretty inexpensive as well.

Great Shaving Bowl

for the first time, I purchased this item through Amazon in August.
However, unfortunately, I received the broken one.
I left the message in Amazon and Supply ordered it through their online store!
Yesterday, I finally got this and totally satisfied with!

Reasonable weight and fit to my palm for lathering accordingly.
I had been trying to find the matte type ceramic bowl for my shaving and this is it!

I can highly recommend for you to use this to lather for your shaving!

Great Quality products with so kind service.

I took a photo of Supply goods I've purchased.
Except for the stand, all the products were made by Supply. (I didn't know that Supply produces stand and found it just today)

Enjoy shaving with Supply!


Beautiful, very nice

Functional Luxury

This marble shave bowl works great, looks great, feels great when whipping up a lather. It's small ridges inside really give me a rich, thick lather. This bowl is art and luxury that functions.

Great Product!

Bought the bowl and storage tray. Well constructed and look great on the counter, which makes the wife happy too:)

very good



This is a must if you use the shave cream. A regular mug works great for shave soap. This is the ideal way to work the cream into a perfect lather for the best shave. The size is excellent, the groves inside are a must to make it work right. Could not have been better designed. This bowl is amazing. I use it every day and love it. Thanks for a great product.

Really gets you in a lather!

This shaving bowl looks amazing and works up a good lather quickly!!