What The Internet Is Saying about The Supply Razor

Supply is only two years old and has already developed a cult following — notorious for shaking up the $22 billion razor industry and completely changing the way men (and women!) shave.

So, why is everyone obsessing over this razor? If you ask us…

The Supply Razor provides an outrageously close and comfortable shave, without the irritation and ingrown hairs that typically come with modern multi-blade razors. Their secret? A single, ultra-sharp American made blade that is twice as thick as competitors' blades - providing twice the cutting power and sharpness.

It comes with a 100-day, risk-free trial. And our customer experience teams works around-the-clock to make sure every customer is 100% satisfied

But more importantly, see what the internet is saying about Supply:

"I got the closest, most comfortable shave ever and didn't get a single razor bump." - Business Insider

"The Single Edge Safety Razor will add some life into your morning ritual." - Uncrate

"The single-blade razor that’s a cut above" Financial Times

"A new take on the classic safety razor" - Art of Manliness

"Elegant and razor burn free." Product Hunt

"I'm getting effortlessly wonderful shaves with this razor... wonderful, irritation free shaves right from the first few days. An amazing razor!" - Brian, via Badger & Blade

"I was able to get a better shave using The Single Edge razor than with multiblade disposables, with no cuts to face or head, my first try." - Joshua Johnson, via Kickstarter

"Love love love my Single Edge razor on the #2 base plate. Best shaves of my life!!!" - Christopher, via Facebook

"It's so good, I really don't want to shave with anything else." - Bill, via Instagram

"Most importantly for me, I have finally found a solution to the ingrown hairs that have plagued me for the last decade." - Andrew Wilson, via Kickstarter


So, you want to try the Supply Razor now. Right?