Marble Shave Bowl - The Perfect Shave Upgrade


You might associate building a lather with a brush and bowl with something your grandfather did. Believe it or not - your old man knew a thing or two. A shave bowl can make a huge difference with the quality of your lather and have you anticipating your next shave.

Shave bowls are used to create and preserve a thick, cushiony lather that lasts through the entire duration of your shave. When we set out to add one to our product line, we worked with the end goal in a mind: a bowl that would build a thick lather, look handsome on any counter, and give a barber level experience in the comfort of your bathroom. 


Why Marble?

You can create a rich, warm lather in any type of bowl, so why does the material matter? We answer your question with another question. Annoying, we know, but there's a point. Do all materials maintain heat?

The simple answer is no, and here’s why. Marble has a thermal conductivity that is three times greater than ceramic, which is the most popular material to make shave bowls out of. This means a marble bowl will keep your lather warmer for much longer, like three times longer than a ceramic bowl. No more cold lather on the second pass (or third pass) of your shave.


Unique Micro-ridge Design

Our bowls are crafted from a single block of marble by our fantastic manufacturing partners in India. They start with a honed white marble slab that is indigenous to the area, and it's honestly even more beautiful in person. You'll feel the sturdiness and heft of the bowl as soon as you pick it up.

The Marble Shave Bowl was also designed with little micro-ridges on the interior surface. These ridges aide in helping you whip up a thick lather with ease and very little time. We read comments all the time from our customers who have noticed a major difference in the time saved creating a lather using our bowl.


Modern Aesthetic

Last, but certainly not least, it looks amazing! The Marble Shave Bowl holds a beautiful white shade that looks great on any bathroom counter. The subtle, gray veins intrinsic to the white stone gives each bowl a bit of character. At the end of the manufacturing process, the bowl is polished to a lustrous matte finish - adding both depth and dimension.

We were so pleased with how our marble bowl turned out that we also created a Marble Storage Tray and Marble Tumbler to complete the look. You can purchase all individually or take advantage of the Marble Accessories Set on our site.


Five Star Reviews

We, of course, love this bowl, but don't just take our word for it. Here are just a few of the five star reviews we have on our site:

“I recently purchased shaving cream that was very thick and didn't lather up well in my current setup. With this bowl, it was no problem at all. Plus, it kept the lather warm and ready for my face pretty much the entire shave.” - SEBASTIAN B.

“When I first saw the bowl on your site, I was doubtful that it would be useful, but I decided to give it a try. The bowl made my shaves better and more fun. I get better consistency and volume in my lather. Definitely worth getting.” - PAUL R. 

“For years I have been a porcelain shaving bowl guy, but I decided I should try a marble bowl for the heat retention. This bowl is incredible. These guys put in some real thought when they engineered this bowl.The micro-ridges on the inside create a rich lather quicker than any other bowl I’ve ever used, not to mention the marble does hold the heat through a three pass shave. I highly recommend this bowl to anyone who wants to take that next step in their shaving experience.” - RICK D.


While our goal wasn't to put your barber out of business, this Marble Shave Bowl may do just that. You can grab yours here.