What's In A Scent: Arenella Coast

Last month, we gave you a sneak peek into the story behind one of our newest scent profiles: Lost Provence. This week, Jennifer's back with another behind the scent story for Arenella Coast, as well as a fun promotion to help you get a head start on Father's Day. (Hint: it's coming soon!)

Over the past 10 years, Patrick has had the privilege of spending some time in Italy for internships, work, and most recently, for a vacation abroad with me. On this particular visit, we started our trip in Cinque Terre along the Italian Riviera. It is a beautiful area along the Mediterranean Sea, and we were able to hike and eat more pizza than we care to admit.


As we were leaving and headed to Firenze (Florence), our Airbnb host, Laura quickly and firmly told us "No. You must go to Porto Venere." Of course, we had never heard of Porto Venere before, but you never argue with a confident Italian woman. Thankfully, we heeded her advice, embraced spontaneity, and navigated Italian public bus systems to the best of our ability.

St. Peter's Church

Porto Venere is seated on the tip of the Italian Riviera in the Ligurian region of Italy. To the west are the sparkling, clear waters of the Mediterraneans. To the east are the mountains that make up the marble quarries in Carrara. The salty air, pastel buildings, and vibrant Italian coast overwhelm the senses with the familiar mantra of "la dolce vita", or the sweet life.

Located just off the beaten path is Arenella beach, a secluded area to catch a few rays and enjoy the relaxed Italian culture. This entire Ligurian region is known for it's citrus based dishes and phenomenal pesto, and you can enjoy all the hints of these culinary delights in the air. Our host, Laura, was right. Porto Venere cannot be missed.

Arenella Coast

In our Arenella Coast products, we blend our Bergamot, Oakmoss, and Cedarwood essential oils to create an invigorating and fresh fusion sure to delight the senses. The underlying Basil Leaf and Patchouli oils round out this scent and transport your bathroom to the coast of the Italian Riviera. We like to describe it most commonly as our fresh take on a classic barbershop variety. And believe me, it's wife-approved.

Want to try it for yourself or need ideas for this upcoming Father's Day? For the next two weeks, take 20% off any Shave Accessories Set. Just add it to your cart and use the coupon code DAD when checking out.

Remember, all of our skincare and grooming products are made with 100% plant and animal ingredients, and Never Made With suspect chemicals or fragrances. Arenella Coast is 100% essential oil based. Rest easy knowing that nothing but the best damn materials in the world are being used in our skincare products.

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