The Ingredient We Can't Get Enough Of

Witch Hazel isn't just a remedy stowed away in your grandmother's medicine cabinet. Aloe Vera’s lesser known sibling contains plenty of naturally occurring benefits. From homeopathic remedies to industrial production, Witch Hazel should also be a key staple in all grooming routines. Here's why:

Remedy for Burns

Whether from a razor or from the sun, witch hazel - muck like aloe vera - soothes your skin, keeps it from dryness, and prevents peeling. It's also incredibly helpful when applied directly to razor bumps.

Speedy Healing

Witch hazel has been proven to heal cuts quicker. It should be topically applied directly to help stop cuts bleeding.

Fights Skin Aging

Want to look young forever? Look no further. Witch hazel is known to tighten pores, diminish redness, treat skin discoloration, and prevent baggy, puffy eyes.


Clears Acne

Witch hazel was blessed with natural properties that clear up skin by closing pores, adding moisture back in and is even known as an anti-bacterial agent.

Scalp Cleanser

It's recommend to massage witch hazel into your scalp before using shampoo to help reduce and even eliminate dandruff. A natural way to step up your hair cleansing routine with ease.

Immunity Builder

It’s anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties are believed to stimulate your immune system. Witch hazel aides in destroying and inhibiting pathogenic invaders in your body when applied topically.

Fades Bruises 

Fun fact: If you apply witch hazel with a cotton ball to a bruise, it will help fade the discoloration of the skin. It also helps speed up the healing of the underlying damage.

Calms Bug Bites

It's anti-inflammatory and astringent properties help sooth itching and bumps caused bug bites and stings. Next time you go camping, throw in some witch hazel next to your deet. You'll thank us later.

Soothes Aches & Pains

It has been proven that the anti-inflammatory properties of witch hazel help reduce pain from arthritis, sore muscles and joints when applied topically. In some cases, it even relieves headaches. By applying witch hazel topically to your temples, the naturally occuring properties tend to reduce tension in the small capillaries located there, which are often a main reason for headaches.

All in all, witch hazel is the superfood in plant world and incredibly useful for a wide array of ailments or personal care issues. If you aren't using it already, witch hazel is an amazing addition to your grooming routine.
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