No Pink Tax Here - The Best Shave for Men and Women

It's true. It's time to change your status to single. Big razor has spouted off billions of marketing over the past decades telling you more blades will equal a closer shave. In actuality, a single blade will deliver a better shave.

In addition, our razor and design is completely sustainable and entirely recyclable unlike plastic cartridge counterparts. Less waste. Better for the planet. What's not to love?


The Good News

With the Single Edge, women can get an excellent shave without paying for it with razor burn and irritation. How does it do shaving legs and underarms? Performs flawlessly. No razor burn or irritation. Super close shave, incredibly intuitive to use, and blades that last longer.

I (co-founder Jennifer, here) even swear that I can go longer between shaves when I use my Single Edge, which is a win as a working mom. If you haven't already, check out my blog "Can Women Shave with the Single Edge?" for all the tips to get you started.


The Even Better News

So, it may give a great shave, but what about the price tag? Shaving with a Single Edge actually saves you money in the long run. With a regular cartridge razor, the cost of the handle is just $9 upfront, but when you add a $2 blade refill, you'll end up spending around $105 in just the first year. 

With the Single Edge, your razor ships with a pack of blades that will last 6 months included in the box. The upfront cost of $79 and $0.50 a blade refill brings your grand total to $89 for the first year. Added bonus? It gets exponentially cheaper as the years go on.


The Reviews

The list goes on. Zero plastic, all items completely recyclable, sustainable design, but we'll leave you with the best: actual female customer reviews.


 A Woman's Perspective

Finally, a safety razor that looks sleek and elegant. Form is just as important as function, and my Single Edge 2.0 excels in both areas. I looked for ages for something different from your vintage safety razor look. I'm so happy to make the switch from plastic disposables to something I actually like that performs well. While I'm not shaving my face, I'm very pleased with the outcome on the areas that I do use it, and the learning curve isn't that steep. - Courtney


No regrets - The best out there

This was great. Loved the shipping time. I think the only possible suggestion I have is to also market it to women. Arguably I'd say it is even more important, because ingrown hairs can be even more troublesome to deal with, and we really have to stop the multi-blade marketing gimmick. It is just unhealthy. I did a lot of research before buying your product, and yours was easily the best out there. No regrets whatsoever. - Gov


Love this razor!

I bought this razor for myself and really loved it! Works perfectly for ladies. - Vera


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