Let's Get Started: Tip #4 - Experiment

Tip #4: Experiment

And we can't stress this enough, experiment with your new razor. Trying out different angles, settings, piecing together and dialing in different methods will ultimately help you find the perfect shave you've always been looking for.

One of the perks of owning a Single Edge is having three customizable shave settings: Sensitive, Comfortable, and Ultra Close. We always recommend starting on the sensitive (1 dot) setting to get acquainted with the unique weight and technique that accompanies a Single Edge. While you won't get an extremely close shave on this setting, you will gain confidence in your technique.

Once you've got the hang of it, consider bumping up to the comfortable (2 dots) shave setting to see how the closeness of your shave changes. Feeling like an even closer shave? Opt for the ultra close (3 dots) shave setting to get the closest shave the Single Edge offers. Make sure you have honed your technique before switching to Ultra Close, since there will be the least room for error at this level.

The last thing to experiment with is the blade angle or in normal people terms, the angle at which you hold the razor in relationship to your leg. If you take a pass with the Single Edge and it seems it hasn't cut a single hair, try rotating it up or down 5 degrees and try again. The proper blade angle has everything to do with the shave. 

This part of the process should be fun! Make a moment of it. Take a slow Saturday morning or wind down in the evening. Shaving should be enjoyable, and we're here to put the joy back into it.