Getting Started: Tip #2 - Prep Your Skin

Tip #2: Prep Your Skin

What you do to prepare your skin for the shave it's about to take on is essential for the best shave possible. Even if your skin isn't sensitive upfront, shaving takes a hefty toll on everyone's skin. This is why it's important to not only have good aftershave lined up, but also to do and use the best to get your skin and hairs ready.

Warm water is your best friend during a shave. It's best to take a warm shower, wash your face or even just use a warm, damp towel to soften the hairs you're about to shave. Our face wash is great for moisturizing and cleaning out your pores while softening the hairs for a shave. Using a shave brush also does wonders to prepare your skin — it picks up the hairs and opens up your pores.

Here's a quick video of Patrick explaining how to create the richest lather using our Shave Cream and Brush: