Father's Day Gift Guide

It's June, and it's time to start thinking about your good ole dad. He taught you to drive, chivalry isn't dead, and that sometimes meaningless tasks build character. We're here to help you select the perfect gift - because he deserves more than another tie in his closet. 


Marble Storage Tray


Marble Storage Tray, $18

Handcrafted from a solid block of white marble and built to handsomely display your razor, soap, and more. 

"I’ve found that in addition to the white marble shaving bowl, the tray has made a distinct impression on the vanity. It’s not often that everything has a look and feel that only marble can bring." - Joseph


Single Edge Leather Travel Case


The Single Edge Travel Case, $39

Constructed from the highest quality, full-grain leather and both a beautiful and functional way to store your Single Edge razor.

"This travel case is gorgeous. Seems like it will definitely do well through time and usage - which is important while establishing an object’s character." - Philippe



Classic Matte Single Edge Razor


The Single Edge Razor in Classic Matte, $79

Solid stainless steel and a lifetime guarantee will upgrade his morning shave from routine to everyday ritual.

 "I was lucky enough to have a buddy that let me borrow this magnificent piece of hardware, and the first shave was life changing, no joke. Gone were the missed patches of hair, or the irritation from going over the same spot 5 times." - William


White Marble Shave Bowl


White Marble Shave Bowl, $24

Gift a lifetime of barber-style, warm lather shaves thanks to the unique heating properties of our marble bowl.  

"First time I used a bowl to create shaving lather and this bowl does the trick. Saves use of shaving cream. Looks great. Perfect size. Top value." - Richard


The Single Edge Razor in Jet Black


The Single Edge Razor in Jet Black, $79

Built from solid stainless steel and finished with a military-grade coating best know for it's use on Navy Seal watches. Both Matte Black and Jet Black Single Edge razors are $20 off through Father's Day using promo FATHERSDAY.

 "I didn’t think it could get better than shaving with a safety razor but I was wrong. One of the best purchases I’ve made. I actually look forward to shaving now." - Iftikhar



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