Single Edge Razor Stand
Single Edge Razor Stand
Single Edge Razor Stand
Single Edge Razor Stand
Single Edge Razor Stand
Single Edge Razor Stand
Single Edge Razor Stand
Single Edge Razor Stand
Single Edge Razor Stand
Single Edge Razor Stand
Single Edge Razor Stand
Single Edge Razor Stand
Single Edge Razor Stand

Single Edge Razor Stand

Keep your blades high and dry

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The Single Edge Razor Stand fits your razor like a glove. Like the Statue of Liberty with her torch, it keeps the razor's head high above above the churning waters of your bathroom sink, allowing it to fully dry after you shave.
Compatible with the 2.0 and the NEW Single Edge SE.

Not only does it add a dash of flair to your bathroom – it also increases the lifespan of each razor blade.

Zinc Alloy

Length: 1.25"
Width: 1.25"
Height: 1.5"
Weight: 6 oz

Custom Made for the Single Edge SE and Compatible with the 2.0.

What is it made of?
Constructed from Zinc Alloy, each stand was custom designed to hold the Single Edge Razor upright. This allows the razor to dry properly between use, extending your blade's life.

Supply press mentions
the supply razor stand with the se razor
stand tall
A Home for Your Razor

Lying sadly in a puddle of soapy water? That's for cheap multi-blade razors. The Single Edge deserves a home where it can stand up straight.

Each stand is coated with aerospace-grade PVD chrome, which protects it from the elements (i.e. shower steam, badly aimed towels) and dramatically extends its lifespan.

the supply single edge blade razor beside the supply razor stand

the protector

A Robin for Batman

Streamlined and compact, the stand is custom-built to house your Single Edge razor. And by helping it dry properly after every shave, it prolongs the life of your blades.

The two together? An unbeatable grime-fighting pair.

Customer Reviews

Based on 260 reviews
Michael Brandon
A hefty little bugger!

I was glad to see this stand has the heft of a paperweight. The finish is fantastic and looks like it’ll hold up for the long haul. My razor fits perfectly in it but I did add the rubber handle sheath. The razor still fits but it sits up a little bit higher in the stand. I’m glad it’s vertical!

Sherman Lou

Great product


No danger of your SE tipping over. Contoured for drainage. Perfect match for color and finish.

Rory Banks
Perfect Fit

Great way to store, and display, the razor. Beautiful .

W. Harper
Single Edge Razor Stand

Compliments the Razor nicely!

Robert Hatton
A Much Needed Accessory

While a stand to many is not necessary, I find that it completes the razor. The stand is high quality and holds the razor perfectly.

Sameer Kenkare
Loved the razor and the razor stand

It was fairly easy to go from my regular razor to supply. I was a little hesitant after my purchase but couldn’t be happier. Patrick and team at customer obsessed and ensure you have the best experience.

Jared Braunstein
Razor stand

I like the stand because of the material it’s made with. Very strong and sleek design. I’m glad I ordered it after purchasing razor!

Alfred Clayton
Great Buy

This was a great buy. I never realize how much it would come in handy to have a stand for my razor. It keeps it clean and helps the blade dry faster. I am happy that I bought it. Great product.

Bob Hern
Built to last!

From its build quality, I cannot imagine ever having to replace it.