The Starter Set + FREE Gifts
The Starter Set + FREE Gifts
The Starter Set + FREE Gifts
The Starter Set + FREE Gifts
The Starter Set + FREE Gifts
The Starter Set + FREE Gifts
The Starter Set + FREE Gifts
The Starter Set + FREE Gifts
The Starter Set + FREE Gifts
The Starter Set + FREE Gifts
The Starter Set + FREE Gifts
The Starter Set + FREE Gifts
The Starter Set + FREE Gifts
The Starter Set + FREE Gifts
The Starter Set + FREE Gifts
The Starter Set + FREE Gifts

The Starter Set + FREE Gifts

Black Friday Exclusive- 35% Off with FREE Razor Stand and Marble Bowl

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  • The Single Edge 2.0 Named Best Single-Blade Razor by GQ
  • Ultra Lather Shaving Cream Voted Best Shaving Cream by Men's Journal
  • Silvertip Synthetic Shaving Brush Turns your shaving routine into a shaving ritual
  • Healing Post Shave Our alcohol-free post-shave soothes inflammation, enhances cell repair, and keeps your skin moisturized throughout the day


  • Single Edge Razor Stand Keeps blades dry while helping them last longer
  • Marble Shaving Bowl Whip up a thick lather in seconds and keep it warm throughout your shave
  • 3 Month Blade Supply Fully-recyclable QuickLoad™ cartridge


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Everything You Need to Start Shaving

The Single Edge Razor standing tall on a wooden object


The Single Edge 2.0


Ultra Lather Shaving Cream

An open container of the Supply ultra lather shaving cream
A man applying lather from a shaving cream using the Supply shaving brush


Silvertip Synthetic Shaving Brush


Healing Post Shave

Hands holding the Supply post shave
The single edge razor on a razor stand with a post shave and a shaving cream beside


Single Edge Razor Stand

Customer Reviews

Based on 743 reviews
Great for sensitive skin

I was previously using the Gillette Skin Guard razors, but wanted to experiment with other razors after observing that I was getting razor bumps. To the best of my memory, all of the razors I had used before that one also gave me razor bumps, which was why I thought that getting a razor marketed as tailor-made for sensitive skin would help avoid this issue; this was not the case. Since beginning to use this razor, I’ve noticed significantly less razor bumps and have no reason to believe that this trend won’t continue for the foreseeable future.

Hey Joshua! So thrilled to see that you are enjoying our Single Edge and that it's helped so much with your sensitive skin. We love having you as a customer with us!

Nicholas Adamczyk
Everything I was hoping

This razor is everything I thought it would be when I ordered it. Super easy to use ( coming from a multi blade ) and the scent ( coastal ) is absolutely perfect. Definitely excited to change the shave setting to comfortable for a closer shave!

Marc Vos
Best Shave Of My Life

I have never been into shaving or looked forward to shaving ever. I always hated it. This razor and starter kit has completely changed the game for me. The razor is built to last. You know when you hold it that the 100 year warranty is real. The shaving cream and brush make the shaving experience classy and that stuff is concentrated! The after shave is my favorite. If there was a cologne like this, I’d buy it. The shave with this razor is the closest one I’ve ever had. It takes years off my face! I honestly look forward to shaving my face in the morning. Penny Shave Club who?

Alex Vrancic
Best shave ever!

No skin irritation, no ingrown hairs. Best shave of my life time.

Richard Edwards
Great product

An enjoyable shaving experience

Jeremiah Shump
Mixed Feelings

Here is my personal honest feeling about each product I purchased.

The razor handle is superb! The design is flawless in my opinion. I love the weight and color (Jet Black). There is nothing that feels cheaply built about it.

This is where I really have mixed feelings.
I use the close shave setting and through the fist 2 blades, I could not get a shave as close as I could with a cartridge razor and I felt like there was a lot of tugging. Yes I do wash and soak my face with hot water prior to shaving. However on the 3rd blade the shave was amazing. It was ultra close and it took my stubble off with no effort. My face felt and looked great! I feel like there is inconsistencies in the sharpness from one blade to the next. I will keep using these to get a more accurate opinion for myself. I dont feel like using 3 blades gives me a just opinion of the blades, this is just how I feel to this point.

The shave cream is just like any shave cream I have used in the past. I say past because I do not like shave creams. I use a shave butter. I tried this shave cream for several shaves and the result was the same as with any I have ever used. I'm not saying it's not any good. I feel it is a good shave cream but again I do not like creams. My hope is that Supply comes out with a shave butter. Shave butter leaves my skin very hydrated and causes the blade to glide across my skin so much effortlessly than a cream.

This is the first brush I have ever owned or used so I cannot compare it to anything. I did not have any issues with it however I will not be using it because I do not like creams. I did want to give it a shot with the cream but again a butter works so much better for me.

This is where I have been most impressed. This spray is AMAZING! let me repeat that. This spray is AMAZING! I have never used any post shave product the truly eliminated razor burn and 2 minutes after applying my skin looked so healthy and vibrant. Oh and the Coastal scent that I purchased is just as AMAZING! I shave right before going to bed and now get attacked by my wife evrytime she catches a wiff of this scent. Bonus!! But that is probably too much information. Seriously, this is a must have and will be a permanent part of my post shave now. I will try the other scents later but it is going to be hard to beat Coastal.

Overall I am happy with Supply products. I will keep using this razor, blades, and post shave spray. I am giving an overall 4 star for now but only because of the blades. If they turn out to be more consistent in the sharpness, then I will gladly give this 5 stars.

Jacob Vasquez
Amazing razor

It’s super smooth didn’t even feel anything when I was shaving amazing experience and amazing stainless steel definitely keeping this razor forever and stocking up on blades and shaving cream

Exceeded expectations!

I am obsessed with high quality ‘things’ which there are truly very few of, BUT this razor not just hits the mark but exceeds it. It was everything I had hoped for but doubted it actually could be. Very very pleased!

Zoie Noone
Changed shaving forever!

I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it. He always had trouble shaving since many of the razors he used would pull at his hair which would leave his skin irritated. Since using his supply razor he has not had any irritation and loves it! He was amazed by the quality and feel of the razor and will never go back to the 4/5 blade razors ever again. He loved the set so much he bought his dad a kit too!!

Nate Krug
Best shave of my life

I want to begin by stating that I do not have extensive experience with safety razors, my first experiences with this one have been magnificent.  I’ve used a variety of cartridge razors prior to the Supply Co razor, and they simply do not compare. I love the weighted handle and the aesthetics.  But the shave, itself, is absolutely the best part. During my, first few shaves I applied a bit of pressure to my face, which left me with a few micro cuts here and there (still no irritation). Even for someone who is new to the safety razor game, it was a very easy adjustment and has allowed me to get the closest shaves of my life.  I love the aggressive shave setting and the injectable blades. 
On to my shipment of the order itself: I made the mistake of removing the free razor blades from my cart before ordering. I reached out to see if I could add these blades to my order before it shipped. While my order was already being processed only a few hours later, they were unable to add the blades to my order. Instead, they offered me multiple packs of blades in a separate order free of charge. I’m not saying this will be the case for everyone who makes the same mistake I did, but it just shows how great their customer service is as well. 
I don’t have enough great things to say about this. All I can say is that I, genuinely and without coercion, highly recommend this razor to anyone who is on the fence.