The Single Edge 2.0

"The Best Single-Blade Razor" - GQ

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Say goodbye to irritation, nicks, bumps, and clogs. The Single Edge safety razor is engineered to provide you a lifetime of smooth shaves. Includes a ninety-day supply of blades (that's 8 blades), and three signature shave settings to customize your shave.

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What's Included
What's Included


The Single Edge 2.0

Designed to give you the best shave of your life. Easy for beginners. Suitable for all skin types. Available in Alloy or Steel.


8 Blades, a 3-Month Supply

Our razor accepts non-proprietary "injector" style blades. Easy to change, safe to handle. Each blade lasts 8-10 shaves.


3 Custom Shave Settings

No more one-shave-fits-all. Adjust the blade exposure to customize your shave. Every razor comes with three proprietary shave settings.
How It Works
How It Works

Change Your Status to Single

More blades, more problems. Don't believe the hype.

Our single blade cuts hair precisely at the surface of your skin without leaving bumps or nicks. Multiple blade cartridges tug the hair with the leading blade, cutting the hair below the surface and causing irritation and ingrown hairs.

Our custom shave settings come in 3 levels—Sensitive, Comfortable, and Ultra Close—allowing you to adjust the blade exposure to get the closest shave of your life, without requiring multiple passes over the skin. Close and comfortable, without the irritation.

Guaranteed For Life

We'll stay close, so you can stay comfortable.

The Single Edge is made out of the best materials on the planet. We’re so sure of that, that we confidently guarantee our razor for 100 years against any defects in materials & workmanship.

Our products are backed by an outstanding customer support team, always available to assist you or give you some pointers with technique.

A better shave is a smarter investment.

Made of solid metal and guaranteed for life, The Single Edge is the last razor you’ll ever need—or want. And a year’s supply of blades costs just $24. Invest in a better product, simplify your routine, improve your skin.
Disposable Razors - $108/yr
Disposable Razors - $108/yr
$9 Razor + $9 Blades Monthly
+ $108 every year after year 1
Disposable Razors - $108/yr
The Single Edge - $24/yr
$75 Razor + $6 Blades Every 3 Months
Only $24 every year after year 1

Customer Reviews

Based on 2229 reviews
Single edge 2.0

I am very pleased with my purchase of the single edge 2.0 razor! This is my 1st time using a single blade razor and the short “ how to” videos sent to me prior to receiving razor helped a lot. Highly recommend!

Exceptional quality

Hands down the best!

My forever razor!

Really enjoying my new razor. Gives a nice comfortable shave. No more multi blades! Single blade is the way to go!
Did I mention how stylish and sturdy it is?
Great razor!

This is the one!

I was really intimidated to try this after discovering that shaving with a single razor blade is a very different process than with multi blade razors I’ve used my whole life. For me the key was to remember that the feeling should be as if you’re taking shaving cream off with the blade, without pressing into the skin. I gotta say, I love it. My legs have not felt that smooth in a long time, even though I’m on the safe setting and have 2 more options to go if I’m looking for a closer shave. But my legs are so smooth, I don’t think I’ll need the other two settings any time soon. And actually shaving them once a week is now enough.
Happy to have discovered this company, happy to be their customer, happy to be giving my body the best!

What a shave!!

Admittedly there’s a bit of a learning curve, but I haven’t actually cut myself. I’ve got a few spots on my neck that nick, but I think it’s just getting my skin used to a superb quality razor. I normally do 4 passes lathering each time, so my shave time is a few minutes longer, but the results are amazing. For sure, do not be scared! Jump in and experience the closest, cleanest shave you’ve ever had! This picture is 2 days of growth!

Great shave

Was a double edge user and loved using an old Schick injector razor of my dad’s. Only issue it’s too light. Not the Single Edge. Nice weight to it and have converted both my sons from those “shave clubs”.

Second shave was way better!

First shave was not good, but it was due to a dull blade. I switched the blade out and I got a great shave! It’s a little bit of a learning curve but I’m getting the hang of it. I’m optimistic this will be the razor I use forever.

PERFECT FOR WOMEN TOO! Met my expectations, and then some!

Some women get bumps, rashes, and irritation during the summer months (or other occasions) in places we really don't want. Buy a great Missoni bikini and you end up being self-conscious, wearing a wrap-around to cover those red bumps. But not with this razor -- I have experienced absolutely no irritation in my armpits, legs, or any other place we women may contend with. It was a great purchase and I am so glad I chose this because all those double priced electrical "warmed up" high-end ones would never provide such an easy, expedient (almost pleasurable), careful, and skin preserving shave. I am 100% satisfied, right down to the razor's weight in my hand! I like how it's weight actually feels in my hand. I have stainless steel, and I just love this razor. Apply NO pressure (really) and it rinses so much easier than the others! I mean it took so much longer to shave my legs, but these are engineered perfectly to rinse promptly and get those hairs out quick - so your shave is also quick. As a woman, I have told many other women about it. I also plan to buy one as a gift for my criminal defense attorney. After everything I have put him through, he deserves a token of my appreciation. Well done! Thank you for creating this. I appreciate benefiting from your family's skills and talents.


Sleek design, cleanest shave, no irritation, easy to clean. This the best razor I've ever had!! Enough said!!

Wonderful Razor

I have been mainly a DE wet shaver with the occasional shave using other single edge razors. I really like having the ability to change heads on the Supply razor which varies the aggression. Tomorrow will be my 7th shave on the first blade and today's 6th shave was very smooth. I used the one dot plate for the first time today and I really feel that in the videos Patrick sells this plate short of its ability in his description. I found it to provide an extremely comfortable shave while at the same time doing an excellent job removing my whiskers. In fact, my plan is to change to the one dot plate as long as I continue to shave every day. One of my favorite things about the Supply razor is the size of the head. It is very easy to maneuver during the shave and the weight of the razor enables one to shave without applying any pressure at all. I purchased the alloy razor with the matt finish and I think this razor will outlast me as it is very well built. The only thing I found that could be improves is the access to the thumb screw. Sometimes, especially if your hands are wet it is awkward to tighten the screw. To get it tight I normally have to use a piece of cloth to better grip it. Other than that one minor issue I absolutely love this razor. As previously mentioned tomorrow will be my 7th shave with it and I have yet to see blood. I do YouTube shaving videos and tomorrow's shave will feature the supply injector. Thanks Supply for a wonderful product!