Custom Shave Settings

Mild + Aggressive

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Multi-blade razors are a"one-size-fits-all" approach to shaving. But your skin and preferences are unique, so your razor should be too. Customize the closeness of your shave with the Custom Shave Settings for your Single Edge razor - they're the perfect upgrade to your shaving experience.

Custom Shave Settings
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Good for a trim. Great for first-time users.



Our most popular setting.



Our closest shave setting. Experience recommended.
A razor as unique as you

A razor as unique as you

The Custom Shave Settings come with the Sensitive and Ultra Close shave setting to complement the Comfortable setting that ships with every razor. Changing settings is easy with the included thumb screw that ships with every razor.
A setting for every scenario

A setting for every scenario

Like clippers at a barber shop, you can change up the closeness of your shave depending on your look. ‘Sensitive’ for short beard growth (or sensitive skin), ‘Comfortable’ for our classic shave, and ‘Ultra Close’ for wiry hair, long beard growth, or an extra close shave.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent and it does what it’s suppose to do

I give you the credit Patrick for coming up with custom shave settings. After shaving for twenty years coming across your product is very refreshing. Thank you from Auckland, New Zealand.

Amazing products

You guys have created an amazing products. Well built. Does what it is supposed too.

Supply razor in jet black

I’ve been collecting razors for the past 15 years and since I got the supply razor in jet black I’ve listed over 20 of them on eBay thank you so much I finally found my favorite razor.

Great settings especially in another color

These are great to have. Combined with the new schick blades gave me the best shave. I currently have the jet black single edge and decided to buy the settings in a mirror finish. I personally think the two tone looks cool.

Great with the aggressive shave

I waited of the custom shaving settings to sue the Single Edge a second time after realizing that the regular wasn't for me. The additional settings should come standard, even if the product cost more. Now, this blade is awesome.


The classic setting is enough for w

Great Company, Great Product!

Had to send back a razor, but the folks at Supply were instantly responsive by email and got me replacements at no charge super fast. Ms Coddou (one of the co-founders) handled the emails herself, and even wrote over weekends. What a great company and a great product.

The Best

I rarely write reviews. I make an exception for Supply.The Custom Shave Settings is incredible. I enjoy a good shave. Now I have a fabulous shave!

Best razor ever

Firstly, it's easy to handle, secondly it looks amazing and the best part, your facial hair don't stuck between the multiple razors. Why? Because is't ONE and that is awesome.

Excellent Design and Support

The experience I got with the razor and the different settings I believe is the best I had so far. First of all, it made me to get rid of the cartridge razors which was a significant cost compared to the single edge. The second thing and maybe more important compared to the first one is that it reduced dramatically any irritations I had especially in the neck after saving. Now it's much more smooth and you get the feeling that is more healthy, even though obviously you need more time for a second pass or even a third as I like it. The fact that it comes with these custom settings also helped when on several occasions I left the bear grow for several days. The option for the more aggressive setting, made the shaving much easier, than using the mid or lower setting. I find this kind of flexibility quite important and helpful as your face is not always in the same condition and the ability to choose the setting, it can give you a totally different experience that will never let you down...I also want to mention at this point that the support I had from the company is EXCELLENT. It happened that just because of one of my orders didn't came in the expected condition because of one of the couriers mishandling, I managed to contact the company, get an incredibly fast feedback and assistance on resolving the issue and left me with a smile as far as the professionalism is concern. Great Work Guys - Keep Up the spirit and Thank you for the wonderful experience that changed completely my shaving possibly for the rest of my life..