Why Men All Over are Switching to this Vintage Style Razor

1. They’re tired of all the bumps, razor burn and nicks.

Most men have accepted painful razor burn and ingrown hairs as part of life, but it doesn't have to be that way. It's most likely your multi-blade razor that's causing the irritation.

Your typical multi-blade razor shaves below the surface of your skin which causes the new hairs to get stuck below the skin resulting in all those ingrown hairs and irritation. What's the fix? Less blades. A single blade razor shaves precisely at the surface of your skin allowing the hair to grow back comfortably.

2. They’re sick of overpaying for multi-blade cartridges.

On average, men spend over $200 on razor blades every single year. And that’s just the blades.

If they decide to buy the latest battery powered, vibrating handle (that does absolutely nothing to improve their shave) then that number could be closer to $300. Everyone is ready for a less expensive option.

3. They’re tired of multi-blade cartridges going dull after a few shaves.

Those expensive cartridges only last 3-4 shaves at most. The blades are thin. The lubricant strips dry up and peel away. There’s not a way to wash out all the old hair and shaving cream.

This creates the ideal environment for bacteria to grow on the blades between shaves. The first shave is clean. Every shave after that means dull blades, bacteria and a lubricant strip that’s peeling away from the cartridge.

4. They realised that hundreds of millions of plastic cartridges end up in landfills every year.

Multi-blade cartridges are impossible to recycle. They’re a mixture of materials that can’t be broken down, so they end up in the trash and populate landfills all over the world.

Billions of cartridges get thrown away, adding up to millions of pounds of plastic waste

5. They figured out they can actually enjoy a safety razor shave.

They thought safety razor shaving was dangerous, they'd heard the horror stories of cuts and impossible learning curve. They liked the idea of a safety razor shave, but putting it into practice was something they didn’t have time for.

Not Anymore.The Supply SE puts all those fears and inconveniences to rest. Its industry-first NickStop Technology is driven by 16 precision fins placed along the safety bar. It's not just the first safety razor that’s actually safe, it makes it as easy to use as any multi-blade razor.

The Supply SE gives a precise, irritation-free shave WITHOUT the learning curve.

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