6 Reasons Why Guys are Loving the Single Edge Razor

By now you’ve probably noticed that razor prices keep going up, but your shaving experience keeps getting worse. Instead of telling you why the Single Edge is a better way to shave, we'll let our customers do it for us.

Single Edge Razor

1. It's Simple to Use

"I was able to get a better shave using The Single Edge razor than with multiblade disposables, with no cuts to face or head, my first try."

Joshua Johnson, via Kickstarter

Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs

2. It Eliminates In-Grown Hairs

"Most importantly for me, I have finally found a solution to the ingrown hairs that have plagued me for the last decade."

Andrew Wilson, via Kickstarter

Stainless Steel Razor

3. It's Built to Last a Lifetime

"Third shave with my Single Edge and it was a dream. I do not think I will have to buy another razor in my lifetime. Well done gentlemen!"

Tim Walsh, via Kickstarter

The Single Edge Razor

4. Ergonomically Designed for Precision

"As for the construction it feels extremely nice in the hand. I worried about grip, but I had zero issues and it felt secure the whole time."

@mpape78, via Instagram

Rinses Clean

5. It Won't Clog

"Easy flow-through for shaving cream and cut hair. Did not need to be rinsed often, and when it did it rinsed quickly and completely."

Jonathan, via Kickstarter

Shaving with the Single Edge

6. It's the Best Shave of Your Life

"Just received my shave kit. Quite possibly the greatest shave of all time."

@Greg493, via Twitter

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