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Single Edge Set

By 7022+ satisfied customers ★★★★★

By 7022+ satisfied customers

  • “Have take your time with this. A new level of close shaving. Been a cartridge guy all my life and used to ram them into my skin with impunity. ”

    - Edwin Laboy

  • “This razor is fantastic and over-delivers by giving a better shave without the skin issues I get when I use a multi-blade razor. Thank you, Supply Crew. ”

    - Curt C.

  • “Have take your time with this. A new level of close shaving. Been a cartridge guy all my life and used to ram them into my skin with impunity. ”

    - Edwin Laboy

  • “This razor is fantastic and over-delivers by giving a better shave without the skin issues I get when I use a multi-blade razor. Thank you, Supply Crew. ”

    - Curt C.

Single Blade Shave, NickStop Technology, Timeless Design.

These are what drive NickStop™ Technology. They protect your skin while lifting and guiding your hair to the blade. So, your hair is cut clean at the surface, and you’re left with nothing other than smooth skin and confidence in the way you look.

They are precisely spaced along the safety bar. The bar flattens your skin, so the super sharp blade can glide effortlessly as it cuts your hair. There is just enough space between each fin for hair and shaving cream to reach the blade. So, you never have to worry about your skin getting caught in the blade.

Here's What Our Customers Had to Say

Throughout 2021, we sent SE prototypes out to over 150 existing customers to get real feedback from real customers.

Great Razor!

“I’ve used the supply razor about 9 times now. There was a small learning curve at the start, but it is now without a doubt the best razor I’ve used. Quick and easy shave and I’ve been noticing that my usual razor bumps are starting to disappear. Haven’t had any new irritation or bumps from the supply SE!"

Dan Ceban

Amazing shave

“Used it and had a great shave the first time I used it. Also love the quality of shave that it gave right away, much better then any razor I have ever used."


So far, so good

“I like it so far. Has only been about two weeks and now I have had to buy one for my wife since she loved it too!!”

John Erwin

How to use

A Single Blade Shave WITHOUT the learning curve.

Load a Blade

Just insert the key into the head of the razor, pull back on the slide, push forward and… ping. A new blade is loaded, and your Pro is ready to go. For a video of the same process with our 2.0, click here.

Also, our Pro may feel tight when inserting your blade pack for the first time. Like breaking in your favorite leather, it will get easier each time.

Prep Your Face

If possible, we recommend shaving after a hot shower. The heat and moisture will help lift the hairs from your face, making it easier for our extra-sharp blade to sweep the hair away as it glides across your skin.

If you don’t have time for the shower, quickly rinse your face with hot water. It will have a similar effect.

Take it a step further. Cleanse or exfoliate your skin before your shave with a face wash or scrub. Our Super Fresh Face Scrub or Feel Good Face Wash will get the job done.

Lather Up

To get the best results from your new Pro, always use a thick cushion of lather to protect your skin. We also recommend using a shave brush to help whip up the lather and prep your beard on application.

Need a good rec? Our Ultra Lather Shaving Cream to build a truly epic lather. It acts as a cushion between the blade and your skin. It also replenishes your skin as you shave with powerful, plant-based ingredients.

Choose Your Setting

This is what sets the Pro apart from every other safety razor on the market: your ability to choose between 6 main settings and 30 micro-settings. Our shave dial lets you move from one setting to the next with just a move of your thumb.

The dial adjusts the amount of space between the blade and the safety bar, also known as blade exposure.

Founder note: the difference between settings is hundredths of a millimeter. While it might not seem like the bar is moving, the minute movement has an exponential impact on the closeness of your shave.

The SE Starter Set

Everything about Supply has been great so far. I love all the products, I love the razor, and I love how they cover shipping to keep costs down. All around great.

Michael Varga

Premium Craftsmanship

Guaranteed for Life

Nicks and cuts are caused by skin getting trapped underneath the blades. Our patent-pending Nickstop™ Technology is here to make that a thing of the past. Driven by 16 precision fins perfectly placed along the safety bar, only hair reaches the samurai sword sharp blade.

The SE Starter Set

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The Single Edge SE

Our razors cut hair precisely at the surface of your skin for a clean, smooth shave. Every time you use a multi-blade razor, you risk suffering from irritation, redness, or ingrown hairs. That's because those gimmicky razors are designed to cut your hair below the surface of your skin.


Ultra Lather Shaving Cream

Whip up a rich, foamy lather with just a fingertip of our plant-based shaving cream. The blend of natural ingredients replenishes your skin, prepares your hairs for a silky-smooth razor glide, and leaves you moisturized and refreshed after you've finished shaving.


Silvertip Synthetic Shaving Brush

Our shaving brush takes your morning routine to the next level. Its soft, gliding action has an almost meditative quality – and feels so good that you'll forget the brush also has a practical purpose, namely giving you a smooth, irritation-free shave.


Healing Post Shave

Every time you shave, tiny invisible cuts appear on the surface of your skin. Our alcohol-free post shave soothes inflammation, enhances cell repair, and keeps your skin moisturized throughout the day.

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The SE Starter Set

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If it’s not hard-working, long-lasting, and ruggedly handsome—we don’t make it.

Tired of products that consistently under-perform and constantly break down, we set out to build a brand that does things differently. Run by a small husband & wife led team, we operate lean, design in-house, and craft iconic everyday essentials using the world’s finest materials. If it’s not hard working, long lasting, and ruggedly handsome - we don’t make it.

We design and develop every product from scratch with an obsessive dedication to quality, durability, and functionality. The result? Nothing but the best products on the market that we're proud to put our names on.

We've made it our mission to not only offer the best products on the market, but to also inspire a community around doing things the right way - even when the right way isn’t the easiest. In 2015, Supply launched with a line of shaving and grooming essentials, and today we continue to make exceptional products that deliver nothing but the best to our customers around the world.

Patrick and Jennifer Coddou

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