We are honorably discharging the 2.0 from Supply shaving service. It has been an amazing razor. It’s done more than we could have ever imagined. We love it. We hope you love it. But it was time to innovate, improve and move forward. That means we will no longer stock 2.0 razors. However, the SE Shave Setting will be compatible with the 2.0 Razor Handle and is available for purchase. And all our injector blades are backwards compatible with the Single Edge 2.0.

We designed the SE to give you all the convenience of a multi-blade with all the quality of the Single Edge.

It’s also the first safety razor designed for every-body.

The Pro is designed to put unrivalled customization in the palm of your hand. You’ll be able to adjust between 6 main settings and 30 micro-settings with a small movement of your thumb.

Find out which razor is right for you by taking our 30-second quiz here. https://supply.co/pages/find-your-razor

You can get more details in this blog: https://supply.co/blogs/journal/the-difference-between-the-se-and-the-pro

Okay, wow. You went straight for it. Multi-blade razors are designed to shave below the surface of your skin, pulling hairs up and cutting them too close. This causes irritation and ingrown hairs. The Single Edge is designed to shave at the surface of your skin, providing a close, comfortable, and irritation-free shave. We're so convinced you'll love the single blade shave that we offer a 100-day trial, and free shipping + returns to the US. You've got nothing to lose - give us a shot today!

Great question - we actually think it's a steal! Here's why:

1) It saves you money in the long run. The Single Edge is a bigger investment upfront, but costs a fraction of the price over time. After two years with a Multi Blade Razor, you end up paying about twice as much because of cartridge expenses.

2) It's customizable. Multi-blade razors are a "one-size-fits-all" approach to shaving. But your skin and preferences are unique, so your razor should be too. That's why you can customize your shave with the Single Edge and it's three proprietary shave settings - Sensitive, Comfortable, and Ultra Close.

3) It's guaranteed for life. The Single Edge is engineered from 100% metal (and zero plastic). Which means it won't rust, won't break, and carries a lifetime guarantee to back it up.

4) It's a more intuitive shave. Not all single blade razors are created equal. Many are intimidating to use for first timers: causing cuts, nicks and burns. That's why we created the Single Edge. It's the easiest way to begin shaving with a single blade.

5) It's a safer, faster blade load. All other single blade razors require you to unwrap and load thin, sharp blades by hand. Not with the Single Edge. Blade changes are lightning fast, dead simple, and touch free.

6) The blades are 2x thicker. Our blades are twice as thick as blades that are used in both multi-blade and single blade razors, which means they flex less, they cut cleaner, and they last longer. No flex means no blade chatter, which is a common issue with both multi-blade and single blade razors - causing irritation, nicks, and cuts. Most users get anywhere from 8-10 shaves out of our blades.

I thought you'd never ask.

Our alloy razor is made to exacting specifications from die-cast zinc alloy. The SE weighs 92 grams. The Pro weighs 95 grams. They both weigh 4X as much as any razor you’ll find at the grocery store.

Not being satisfied with the status quo, we specified Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) as our coating process for the alloy razors. Most safety razors use a traditional electroplating process that can chip, fade, and peel over time. We use an entirely different process.

PVD is an extremely durable coating that is typically used in Aerospace and Automotive applications. As far as I’m aware, we are the only razor manufacturer that uses this process to coat zinc-alloy razors. The result is a stunningly handsome finish that will last long enough to pass down to your grandkids.

We offered a stainless-steel variation of our previous razors. However, the Supply SE and Supply Pro, especially the Pro, are more intricate than the 2.0. Making either of them out of stainless would have driven the price up beyond what we want these razors to cost.

One of the goals of the SE is to open the door to Single Edge shaving to everyone. Stainless-steel would hold us back from that goal.

The point of the Pro is to put unrivalled customization in the palm of your hand. Making the Pro out of stainless-steel would have made it astronomically expensive, keeping customization on our shelves and out of your hands.

Whether you shave with cheap disposables, modern multi-blades or traditional safety razors, the Single Edge is a serious upgrade to your morning shave and can help reduce irritation. Here's why:

The SE and Pro shave at the surface of your skin. Multi-blade razors are designed to shave below the surface of your skin, pulling hairs up and cutting them too close. This causes irritation and ingrown hairs. The SE and Pro are designed to shave at the surface of your skin, providing a close, comfortable, and irritation-free shave.

They require no pressure when shaving. With multi-blade razors, you've probably found that you have to press the razor against your face while you shave. Here's the deal: you’re doing too much. You might think you’re achieving a closer shave, but in reality, you’re only creating an uneven surface to shave on, which won’t properly cut the hairs. But with a Single Edge, you want to think of it like you're sweeping the hair off your face - not scraping it off. The SE and Pro perfect this and literally wipes the hair away. Your job is to simply guide the razor; the weight and blade will do all the work.

Both razors have clog-free technology. They’re easy to clean in between passes. Every time you take a stroke while shaving, your blade accumulates shaving soap, hair, and skin. This build-up prevents your blade from getting that clean, close shave every time. It can also cause skin irritation. A Single Edge fixes this by being easy to clean in between shaves and never clogging up like multi-bladed cartridge razors.

The purchase of any Single Edge, SE or Pro, will include the Razor handle, and one Injector Pack, loaded with 8 blades - about a 3 month supply.

The settings are marked 1-6. The most mild setting is 1, and the most aggressive is 6.

If you have sensitive skin, 1 is the place to start. It’s the least amount of space between the safety bar and the blade. So, the smallest amount of hair can reach the blade at one time. This means you’ll probably need more than one pass to get a super close shave, but it will also be the most forgiving.

The 6 is our most aggressive setting. Since it has the greatest blade exposure to your skin, it allows the most hair to reach the blade, giving you the power to mow down even the toughest of beards with your Pro.

There are 28 more settings between 1 and 6. We encourage everyone to start at a 1 and see how it feels. If it isn't close enough for you, dial it up to our 2 setting. Keep going from there until you find the setting that works best for you. The best part about the Pro is you’ll be able to use more than one setting every time you shave to truly be custom to your unique beard.

If you're coming from our 2.0 model, the range of adjustment on the Pro is meant to roughly mimic the range of adjustment on the 2.0, with one difference: it gets a bit more mild on the low end and a bit more aggressive on the high end.

Unfortunately, the TSA does not allow carry on of safety razor blades, and our razor fits in this category. For this reason, they will probably confiscate the blade from your razor (but not your handle) if you bring it in your carry on bag. The best way to travel with your blades is by placing them in checked luggage, if possible.

We designed the razor for an excellent face and neck shave, but we do have many customers who love using our razor to shave their heads. Our biggest recommendation is that you perfect your technique on your face before moving to your head or start out with the sensitive shave setting.

We actually wrote a blog on this very topic. It covers tips, provides customers' reviews, and even has a video from YouTube of a customer shaving his head with the Single Edge. You can check it out at the link below: Head Shaving with the Single Edge

Absolutely! You can use the safety bar on the SE or Pro as a guide to create cleaner lines on your cheeks and neck.

Single Edge razors are very safe to use, especially once you have mastered the technique.

The Supply SE comes equipped with 16-precision fins that drive our NickStopTM Technology. It’s designed to protect your skin while the fins lift and guide your hair to the blade. There is still a slight learning curve, but it’s almost nothing compared to other safety razors. It will give you a safe, smooth, comfortable shave from the very first pass.

The SE is all the convenience of a multi-blade razor with all the quality of a Single Edge.

The Supply Pro is just as safe to use as the SE once you get your technique down. The first step is finding the right angle, it’s about 10-15 degrees rotated out from your skin. The next step is figuring out which setting works best for your skin. 1 is the most mild. 6 is the most aggressive. You should use your first 3-4 shaves experimenting to see which setting is right for you.

Once you get the angle right and find your setting, you’ll experience a lifetime of safe, close, customized shaves.

Read this blog to learn more about how to get the best shave from a Supply Pro. https://supply.co/blogs/journal/how-to-shave-with-the-single-edge-pro

Of course! We recommend using the Supply SE for leg shaving. The fins will protect the delicate skin on your legs. The blade will give you an ultra-close shave at the surface of your skin, helping reduce bumps, irritation and ingrown hairs.  Our Co-Founder, Jennifer created an entire blog to show you how to get a great leg shave with a Single Edge:

How to shave your legs with the Single Edge

The SE and Pro are super easy to clean. Both razors have a clog-free design that make it easy to rinse out hair between each pass. After you’re finished shaving, you’ll want to hold your razor under running warm water to wash off and leftover hairs or shaving cream residue. Ensure you shake out any excess water from the razor in between uses.

If you purchased a Stand, then place your razor back in the stand and allow it dry off. You may notice that extra water drains out after you place it back in your stand. This is perfectly normal and will not damage your razor or stand.

If you did not purchase a Razor Stand, place the razor blade-side down on your sink, or wherever you keep it, and allow it to dry off.

The Pro will also need to be cleaned behind the plate that covers the dial. Here’s how in 4 steps:

1. Use the tip of the key of your injector pack to pop off the cover.

2. Once the cover is off, rinse out your razor with a little water and use a toothbrush to clean out any stray hairs or shaving cream residue.

3. Use a towel to dry excess water.

4. Snap the cover back in place. Your Pro is clean and ready for your next shave.

And if you're looking for a deeper clean, a quick dip in rubbing alcohol will also remove any water build up you may not be able to see.

Supply razors are produced via zinc die-casting and coated in PVD Chrome. This is a highly durable finish that is rust and wear resistant.


The Single Edge accepts standard "injector" style blades. These blades were originally invented by Schick in the early 1900s and have been in continuous production for over 100 years. They can be easily purchased on our website, Amazon.com, and much more.

Each razor ships with a magazine of 8 stainless steel, Japanese-made injector blades. A pack of blades typically lasts up to three months and only cost $0.75 per blade to replace.

Injector blades are twice as thick as modern razor blades (and double edge blades), and tend to last twice as long. Most of our customers get 8-10 shaves from a single blade.

The Single Edge accepts "injector" style blades, which can be purchased easily on our website. Visit this link to learn more.

Injector blades are non-proprietary to Supply - they were first invented by Col Jacob Schick in the early 1900s. They can be purchased at a number of online retailers. (But ours are the best 😉)

Our blades are proudly made both in Japan and in the United States by leading razor blade manufacturers.

Everybody changes out their blades at different intervals due to the fact that our skin, hair, and preferences are all different. That said, most customers easily get 8 to 10 shaves out of each blade. A single pack of eight blades can last up to three months if you shave 5-6 times a week.

Our blades are twice as thick as blades that are used in both multi-blade  and single blade razors, which means they flex less, they cut cleaner, and they last longer. 

No flex means no blade chatter, which is a common issue with both multi-blade and single blade razors - causing irritation, nicks, and cuts. Most users get anywhere from 8 to 10 shaves out of our blades.

With The Single Edge, blade changes are lightning fast, dead simple, and touch free. Every razor ships with a magazine of 8 blades that is used to inject a new blade into the razor handle - and eject the old blade. Once the package is empty, it can be dropped in the recycle bin - and a new pack can be purchased for just $6.

Each Single Edge ships with a magazine of 8 stainless steel injector razor blades. If you look at the back of the pack, you will see a nifty opening to insert used blades. No sharp objects lying in your trash can or recycling bin unattended or waiting for an unsuspecting toddler or pet to find. Once you are through with all of your blades, you can recycle the entire magazine, blades and all. Safe and better for the environment!

Artist Club Blades are slightly larger than injector blades, and will not fit in the Single Edge. The Single Edge takes standard injector blades, which can be easily purchased on our website.

Skin Essentials

Both will last you for about three months.

Our Skincare products should also last you for about three months.

For the best results, use your products in this order: 1) Face Wash 2) Shave Cream 3) physically shaving with the Single Edge 4) Post Shave 5) Moisturizer 6) Eye Cream

No way, Jose! Instead of water, the Feel Good Face Wash's first and most abundant ingredient is Aloe Vera — that's right, our formula is entirely water free! On top of that, we loaded it with the best plant-based cleansers that won't rob your skin of essential oils. Bottom line? Don't just wash your face, make it feel good.

None of our products are tested on animals. 

A couple of notes about our products: Our shave brush is made out of synthetic materials instead of popular shave brushes made out of badger hair. Our Travel Case and Everyday Dopp are made out of full-grain leather, sourced from ethically raised cattle in North America.


Depends on your shaving cream. If you're using a concentrated soap like our Ultra Lather Shaving Cream, you will need a brush to create a foamy lather. Not only that, a shaving brush further helps prep your shave by softening and lifting up hairs.

Take about a finger scoop of shaving cream and run it under some warm water. Next, smear the cream into the bottom of the bowl, breaking down it's texture and softening it Then, grab your brush, run it under some warm water and give it a shake for the excess water to drip out. Finally, using circular motions, use the brush to whip up a rich lather and apply to the areas that will be shaved.

Use circular motions on your face, as well. Be generous with time, if possible because the longer you use the brush, aim for a minute or two, the softer your hairs will get, the more dead skin you'll exfoliate, the more your skin will be prepared for a shave.

And if you're really looking for a hot and relaxing barber-type shave, fill your bowl with hot water for a few minutes to heat up the bowl. Dump it out, and start creating your lather -- you'll feel the difference.

Elbow grease is the best for scratches in leather. Rubbing the heck out of it with a rag and conditioner or oil should do it. Personally, we like scratches and feel they tell great stories. One of the benefits of leather is the way they wear and continue to look better with age.

We recommend using Chamberlain's Leather Milk. It's a natural leather cleaner, conditioner, and water repellant. We recommend it on our leather goods, but please check with the manufacturer for their recommendations on other leathers. Also go here to see Chamberlains recommendations.

We recommend treating your leather every 6 months to a year for conditioning, maybe a little more often if you live in a harsher weather environment and expose your leather to these conditions. Make sure you let your leather totally dry out before reapplying.

It is possible that it may darken your leather, so make sure to always test on a small, inconspicuous spot. This product is not one that would work well if you're looking to dramatically darken your piece. Always test in a small area first to see if you like the result. Apply in thin, even layers allowing each application to completely dry. The color may rub off a bit when you're applying conditioner. Once the leather dries you shouldn't have a problem.

When choosing materials and construction for the Everyday Dopp, we wanted nothing but the best. For our leather, we chose one of the premier tanneries in North America, based in the leather capital of the world - Leon, Mexico. The entire Everyday Dopp and Travel Case are constructed with nothing but 100% premium, extra-thick full grain leather. We never use bonded, genuine, or any other lesser quality leather.

Unlike cheaper leathers, ours is tanned all the way through the hide. The entire thickness of the leather grain is saturated with the oils, dyes, and preservatives used in the tanning process. This means that the leather lasts longer and looks better as it ages.

Our razor and blades are completely recyclable. The blade pack actually comes with an opening on the bottom for you to store your used blades while you are finishing the blade pack. Once you are finished with the pack of blades, you can throw the entire pack into the recycling bin. No landfills necessary!

Shipping & Returns

It's true! Every product we sell comes with a 100 day trial period. Love it - or send it back. Really.

(OK, there is one caveat. The 100 Day Trial Period does not apply to Warehouse Deals. Warehouse Deals are Final Sale -- no returns, refunds or exchanges.)

Our return policy is simple - love our products, or send them back. We offer a 100-day trial for all of our gear, which means you have 100 days to try it out, live with it, and love it. If at any point in the first 100 days you decide that you're not 100% satisfied with your new products, return them for a full refund.

Simply contact us and we’ll get you set up with your return ASAP!

Products must be returned in like-new condition with the original packaging to be eligible for a refund. Consumable products (shaving cream, post shave, etc.) must be at least half full to be eligible for a refund. 

Our return policy is applicable only to orders placed on https://www.supply.co

The 100 Day Trial Period does not apply to Warehouse Deals. Warehouse Deals are Final Sale -- no returns, refunds or exchanges.

See full Terms and Conditions 

Here’s how it works: You place an order online, then we process it. Your package will typically ship out from our warehouse within 1 business day. From then on, it all depends on your shipping method. If you choose our free shipping option, your order will arrive within three to five business days, and many times less.

Our warehouse team takes a much deserved break on weekends and federal holidays, so orders placed on those days will be shipped the following business day.

We currently ship all over the world! Even better, all orders ship within 1 business day or less after ordering.

See full Terms and Conditions

We are proud to offer free shipping for all US orders over $35! Shipping for orders under $35 is a flat $3.95

Our shipment times are calculated in business days, from the date of shipment. All orders ship within 1 business day or less.

Shipping costs are non-refundable.

For international orders, discounted shipping is calculated at checkout. We currently offer two options for our international customers: Economy and Express. Economy Shipping will be USPS through USPS -- typically delivering your package within 7-21 business days, but can take up to 30 business days or more in some cases, with limited tracking. And Express Shipping is DHL -- typically delivering your order within 6-10 business days with up-to-date tracking each step of the way.

*Lengthier shipping times should be expected at this time due to COVID-19*

International shipping is calculated based on the shipping method chosen and the weight of the order. It typically runs anywhere from $9 to $30. If applicable, import duties and taxes are not pre-paid or included in the shipping cost calculated at checkout.

Commercial invoices will be marked as "Merchandise" and the value of the shipment will be marked as equal to the order amount. Shipments cannot be marked as gifts or marked at a price lower than the amount paid. All orders shipped through the United States Postal Service (Economy Shipping) will be handed off to the destination country’s customs office/postal service upon arrival. If your country’s postal service does not deliver packages to your doorstep, please be sure to include a phone number and/or a PO Box (if applicable).Orders placed on weekends and holidays are shipped the following business day.

If your package is undeliverable and returned to us because you’re not there, an incorrect address was provided, refuse to pay import taxes, or moved without notifying us, the shipping cost for your order will not be refunded. The return shipping cost will be deducted from your refund.

Shipping costs are non-refundable.

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As stated in our shipping policy for international customers, "VAT, GST or any other country taxes are not pre-paid for international orders and may be levied upon delivery."

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We are required by international import laws to declare the full price of any international purchases. Not doing so could result in fees for us - and even worse - your order getting stuck in customs. For that reason, your customs declaration will represent the full purchase price of your order, not including shipping.

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We sure do!

Account & Orders

Email our team ASAP so we can try to make any changes to your order. We strive to get orders shipped out as quickly as possible, which means we may not be able to catch your order in time to adjust or cancel it. If the order has not already been shipped out, we'd be more than happy to get the items of your choice swapped or removed.

There are a few ways for you to check your order status:

1. If you created an online account with us when you placed your order, you can find the delivery details in your account summary page. Just sign in and navigate to your order status.

2. When your order shipped, we sent you an email with a link to a tracking page. Find that email by searching your inbox for emails from Supply.

3. Still can't find it? No sweat. Just contact us and we can give you the latest status for your order. We can also sign you up for an online account if you would like. 

If you can't access your account, one of two things can be happening. Either you have entered an incorrect password, or you haven't created account with us. Shoot us an email and we'll be happy to help you create an account.

FYI: Placing an order on our website will NOT create an account.

To process a return within the 100-day trial, simply email hello@supply.co, and one of our team members will help you process the request.

The 100-day trial period is available for our international customers, as well! If you are located outside of the US and want to return an international order within a 100 days from delivery, please email hello@supply.co, to let us know.

Please note that original shipping fees are non-refundable, and return costs are the customer’s responsibility. Please indicate that this is a return on the Commercial Invoice.

Returns can NOT be made outside of the 100 day trial period.

Exchanges fall under the same guidelines as returns. If you'd like to make an exchange at any time during your 100 Day Trial Period, just send our team an email and we can set that up for you!

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If you have an account with us, you can login at the top right of any page on our website and see all your order history.

If you don't have an account, you can create one under the same email address used to place your orders and they will all be conveniently available on the My Orders page of your Account. 

Be sure to check your spam folder, and if you still don't see it, send our team an email and we'll get that taken for you ASAP.

Only one promo code is applicable per order. If there is an active sitewide promo that applies to the item(s) in your order, it will be automatically applied - unless a promo code is provided to apply the promotion. If you would like to use another promo code you've received instead, send us an email and we'll be happy to use the best promo for you!


Sure thing! Long story short, the Single Edge, along with all our other products, are made out of the best materials on the planet. All of our products are guaranteed for life against defects in materials and workmanship. 

If your product doesn’t live up to what we said it would, then contact us and we'll take care of you. Really, it's that simple. Heck, we'll even replace your stuff if your house burns down.

Click here to see the full terms and conditions of our Lifetime Warranty.

Yup! Click here to see the full terms and conditions of our 100 Year Warranty.

Not a problem! If you purchased the Single Edge or any of our other products from one of our trusted partners, they're covered under our 100 Year Warranty -- just be sure to hold onto your receipt/order confirmation. That being said, purchasing items from a 3rd party, such as eBay, will null and void the warranty.


We are headquartered in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas, USA.

Yes! We're growing quickly and always looking for amazing people to join the team. Reach out to us at hello@getsupply.com and tell us why you're so awesome (go on now, don't be shy).