Director of Customer Experience

Editors Note: We use the term Customer Experience to refer to the function that most companies would call Customer Service, but with a much broader area of responsibility. We believe that our customer's experience with our brand is formed primarily by interactions with real people - and secondarily with systems & processes that those people design. You will be tasked with designing and implementing both personal and procedural interactions with our customers, all with the goal of crafting the best customer experience on the planet.

About Us:

At Supply, our mission is to foster confidence and courage in men - for the better of mankind. We believe:

  • That ordinary men can change the world.
  • That better grooming leads to superior outcomes.
  • That we're better together.

We operate at an extremely fast past and will expect the same from you. This position will require your full attention, constant communication, and best self - everyday. This role is not for the faint of heart.

Your Mission:

At Supply, we are obsessed with our customer's experience. You are the torch bearer of our internal company mission to foster delight, surprise, and fanaticism amongst our customers - using any means at your disposal.

Your Outcomes:

  • Build our Customer Experience department from the ground up with an obsessive focus on developing the absolute best customer experiences on the planet.
    • Hire, lead, coach, and inspire your team to create world-class customer experiences.
    • Design processes and procedures that give clarity to your employees on how to handle all situations that arise - balancing customer delight with business priorities.
    • Design efficient CX processes that scale. Provide the highest level of service for our customers with the lowest amount of personal effort.
    • Design, implement, and enforce voice and copy guidelines for all customer interactions.
  • Manage, oversee and participate in daily communication with customers. Engage with customers to manage orders, resolve issues, and spread joy.
    • Utilize all channels at your disposal to serve our customers where they prefer to be served: email, Facebook Messenger, chat, SMS, phone, etc.
    • Quickly respond to and moderate inbound customer questions and comments via our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
    • Utilize software to delight at scale: Gorgias, Shopify, Klaviyo, Postscript, etc.
  • Surprise and delight customers by finding unique, memorable opportunities to proactively solve their problems, answer their questions, and present amazing brand touch points.
    • Work directly with our development team to deliver outrageously good customer experiences through our website.
    • Design, iterate, and improve customer onboarding email flows, SMS flows, and additional customer touch points (mail, voice, video, etc.).
    • Strategize and implement improvements to customer unboxing experiences.
    • Scrutinize, iterate, and improve every single touchpoint our customers have with our brand. There's no end to the opportunities: FAQs, post checkout page(s), voicemail prompts, customer account pages, etc. etc. etc.
  • Dig into customer, company, and website data to uncover data-backed insights about customer experiences. Implement improvements.
    • Unlock new insights about our customers to drive our internal CX initiatives.
    • Use data to continue to improve all areas of CX - team performance, customer experience, technological improvements.
    • Identify and report on CX KPIs daily/weekly/monthly


How it's Really Going to Work:

You'll spend the first month getting to know our products, our customers, and our brand. You'll do this through some short, informal training, and then through trial by fire. We'll put you in direct and immediate communication with our customers through the channels in which they most often talk to us: email, chat, social media, and SMS. You'll learn how we work by answering their questions, solving their problems, and communicating with the rest of our small team. You'll interact most often with Patrick (Founder / CEO) and Valya (Customer Experience Associate).

After that, you'll spend about 2-3 months building out a framework and foundation on which you intend to build your organization. (Editor's Note: The current department size is one person. Expected size by end of 2021 is five, including you.) This includes Standard Operating Procedures, voice guidelines, and and other internal processes. You'll continue working directly with customers along the way. You'll also start seeing the holes in our Customer Experiences and start brainstorming and experimenting with ways to improve them.

After that, you'll likely hire one or two associates to begin taking over your tactical responsibilities so that you can begin coaching, advising, and focusing on the more strategic aspects of the customer experience. You might work with our email team to redesign our customer onboarding email flow. Or, you'll source and design an SMS reordering system from scratch. You'll probably find huge holes in our customer experience on our website, so you'll brainstorm ways to fix them and work directly with our development team to do it. You'll definitely find a way to ensure full 24/7 chat coverage on the website - maybe using an external vendor. Since you have so much extra time, you'll script some new videos for our Founder to film that describe our products - because you keep getting questions about how to use our Multi Purpose Moisturizer. Finally, you'll redesign our unboxing experience to delight and surprise our customers upon unboxing.

Then you'll do it again the next day.

About You:

  • Unending energy and vision. When you look at a problem, you see nothing but opportunity.
  • Absolutely obsessed with providing best in class customer service, and will stop at no end to provide it.
  • A strong bias toward execution. You love working independently and thrive when given freedom and flexibility.
  • Unquestionably excellent with both spoken and written word. You love all the words. You can organize them in a way that evokes emotion, displays compassion, and drives action.
  • Extremely empathetic. You're able to put yourself in our customer's shoes, truly experience our brand from their perspective, and improve all parts of that experience that are not world-class.
  • Move, adjust, shift, iterate, grow and execute at high speed
  • Extremely detail-oriented and organized
  • Startup / entrepreneurial mentality



Job Type: Full-Time

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Remote Work: Available. Strong in-person presence will be needed during first 1-3 months.

Visa Sponsorship: Not available.


How To Apply:

Email your resume, LinkedIn profile, and 4 sentences or less that describe why you're unique and are best qualified for this job to

Include your location. If you are only interested in taking on this role remotely, please indicate.

You're welcome to send any other information you think would help us determine why we should drop everything and hire you immediately.