4 Reasons Why This Shave Set is the Gift your Boyfriend Actually Wants

Why can't shopping for men be easy? If you've been asking him what he wants and he keeps coming back with "I don't know," or "I'll love whatever you get me," we're here to help.

Here's four quick reasons to get him a razor and Starter Set. Get ready to establish yourself as the superior gift-giver in the relationship.

1. He’ll brag to his friends

Most men are using basic multi-blade or electric razors. This your chance to help him stand out in his group of friends with an unexpected gift. One look at the sleek, minimal design of the SE or Pro, and he’ll pull his phone out to send a picture to his fantasy football group chat.

2. He’ll look better

If he’s still using a 5-blade razor he bought at the store sometime last year, then he’s doing damage to his skin, and he probably doesn’t know it. Multi-blades shave below the surface of the skin leading to razor burn, ingrown hairs and long-term damage. Our single blade razors cut hair clean at the surface for a smooth shave that’s good for his skin.

3. He’ll feel better

Looking better always leads to feeling better. We design all our gear to help men be their best selves every day. You’ll watch his confidence grow once he sees how great his face looks after a Supply shave. 

It’s deeper than just looking better, though. Our shaving cream and post shave are plant-based and alcohol-free, so he'll moisturize his skin while he shaves. And they both come in 7 signature scents, so you'll love the way he smells even more than he does. Our Shaving Sets will turn his morning shave into a much-needed self-care ritual.

4. It lasts forever

Our razors are unlike anything you'll find in those store-bought sets. They're made from PVD Chrome-Coated Aluminum. We’ve run over them with a truck, dropped them off roofs, and one even survived a house fire. 

He could pass it down to his grandchildren one day. And if it ever does break, each one is backed by our Lifetime Warranty. If you want to give him something he can keep forever, you found what you’re looking for. 

5. It's on sale

He might love the gift, but when he unboxes his new solid-metal Supply razor he may think that it cost you an arm and a leg. When he asks, you can tell him you got it for steal during our holiday sale.

Instead of the usual $130, you can get the SE Starter Set for $99. That includes the Supply SE Razor, our award-winning shaving cream, healing post shave spray, and a silvertip synthetic shave brush. It's everything he'll need for the ultimate wet shaving experience.

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