The Shave and Skin Set
The Shave and Skin Set
The Shave and Skin Set

The Shave and Skin Set

Uncomplicated Skincare For Men

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A one-stop bundle package for your daily shave and skincare routine. Everything you need in one box, made with the best ingredients on the planet. Lasts 2-3 months with daily use.

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Only the Good Stuff

We leave out the petroleum jelly, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, and other toxic compounds. They're cheap and effective, which is why so many cosmetic products include them – but they're extremely bad for you in the long run.

We prefer to use gentle, plant-based alternatives. Every batch is made by hand in the USA, and personally approved by our CEO before hitting our shelves.


Ultra Lather Shaving Cream


Healing Post Shave


Feel Good Face Wash

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Multi Purpose Moisturizer

Customer Reviews

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Lee Speed
Ultimate Shave Accessories Set

After initially purchasing the Supply SE razor I was just using my old gel shaving cream since I still had a fair amount left. The smoothness of my shave wasn’t what I had hoped for with a new razor. I decided to get the shave accessories set to see if the high lather shaving cream and brush made a difference. It certainly did!! The razor glides smoothly over my skin and the closeness of shave is much better. I also like the scent of the cream and after shave. The quality of the brush and bowl is very nice. I really enjoy shaving in the morning now. I highly recommend this set.

Patrick Smith
Continuing to be impressed

So first, I have the Razor 2.0
I was fairly new to “hobbyist” shaving, but was still using multi blade heads on a weighted handle. Instantly knew I’d be a single edge shaver for the rest of my days. Next I tried the Black Label blades, HUGE game changer for someone with sensitive skin! What a difference.
I had sampled the post shave spray once previously, didn’t really feel like it was “for me”. I was used to a balm, which is obviously more lotion-like. I went ahead and got this pack because I was basically getting my the post shave spray for free (holiday sale). I’m here to tell you, this stuff is worth it! 100% The witch hazel stings a tiny bit, but I just put this stuff on liberally, then add my normal balm … next day my skin is so soft and smooth! I highly recommend it!
The Shaving Cream is nice. It definitely creates a nice smooth lather, works especially well if you preshave with an oil.
The bowl and brush work so well! The bowl holds the heat from the water, makes for a more luxurious feel to the lather, and it has ridges inside of it to help work the cream into said lather. The brush is fantastic as well. The handle feels sturdy, the bristles are just stiff enough to both work the cream into a lather and help agitate the hairs so they stand up better for shaving.
As an added tip for those who shower after shaving, I squeeze the extra shaving cream out of the brush and apply it to my face, after washing my face off and before showering. I feel like the natural ingredients help nourish my skin. On an added note, I also have their daily moisturizer, which is also a great, refreshing, non-greasy product that helps your skin to be healthy!

You can really tell the care that goes into these products. I have yet to be disappointed in anything I’ve gotten from Supply. I am seriously a lifer for their shaving products and equipment. If you aren’t impressed on first use, see it through. You’ll recognize the value and quality after a few uses!

Rich Sunley

Ultra Lather Shaving Cream

Dustin White

I've got pretty sensitive skin with coarse hair, and my job requires that I shave every day. I've tried various different combinations of different products. Switching to a supply razor and shaving products has absolutely saved my skin. The scents are a perfect balance of having a nice aroma, while still remaining subtle enough to be professional in a workplace. While a little pricey for shaving cream, a little goes a long way and still lasts quite awhile. I'm completely sold on these products.

Not only are the products great, but the costumer service is as well. I had an order that was incorrectly shipped, and after contacting customer service I was promptly shipped the correct products, while still keeping the initial order. The replacement products were damaged in the mail (of no fault to Supply) and they once again promptly replaced those as well. Can't see myself ever shaving with anything else.

Matt Lourens

The Everyday Essentials

Ponce Gonzalez
Clean Shaves

I have been struggling to get a clean shave for years. Most electric and double edge shavers left me with stubble as well as a very annoying razor rash. The shaving cream and post shave products accomplish both a clean shave and soothing relief. Great products and I will order them again.

Scott Gordon
Crisp Shave Cream

Excellent and so much better than the other creams I have used.

Valerie Malcomb
My New Go-To

Love the scent and the lather! It's my second time buying this, and it won’t be my last.

Kevin Grimm
Ultra lather shave cream.

I liked using your ultra lather shave cream. For me, the scent strength could be stronger. A very good product nonetheless.

Brandon Crane
Great shaving cream

This stuff smells good and goes on well. Protects the skin really well too.