The Single Edge Travel Case
The Single Edge Travel Case
The Single Edge Travel Case
The Single Edge Travel Case
The Single Edge Travel Case
The Single Edge Travel Case
The Single Edge Travel Case

The Single Edge Travel Case

Full-Grain North American Leather

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Whether you're a frequent traveler or a sometime sojourner, this full-grain leather travel case is the perfect partner for your Single Edge razor.

A throwback to a more adventurous age, the travel case's premium stitching and sturdy YKK zipper will provide your razor with a lifetime on the road.


Full Grain Leaather

Custom YKK Zipper

Length: 4.5"
Width: 2.5"
Weight: 3 oz

What type of leather do you use?
We wanted to give you the best when we chose what our leather gear is made from and how it’s made. For our leather, we chose one of the premier tanneries in North America, based in the leather capital of the world - Leon, Mexico. The entire Everyday Dopp and Travel Case are constructed with nothing but 100% premium, extra-thick full grain leather. We never use bonded, genuine, or any other lesser quality leather. Unlike cheaper leathers, ours is tanned all the way through the hide. The entire thickness of the leather grain is saturated with the oils, dyes, and preservatives used in the tanning process. This means that the leather lasts longer and looks better as it ages.

Will my Single Edge fit in the Travel Case with the Grip Sleeve installed?
No. The razor won't fit in the slot with the grip sleeve installed, but the sleeve can easily be uninstalled with soap and water. Then you can zip it inside the pouch to keep it safe and organized in travels.

Supply press mentions
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Ready to die
Hey There, Gunslinger

Nothing like a case of leather to carry a dangerous piece of metal. The Single Edge Travel Case protects your razor from all the other things rattling around in your saddlebags.

Crafted in León, Mexico, from full-grain leather, it's designed to last as long as the razor itself – and comes with our usual Lifetime Warranty.

the supply travel case


Younger Than It Looks

Don't be fooled by its suntanned, weatherbeaten appearance. This travel case is tough and flexible enough to withstand the perils of the road ahead.

Hand-painted edges keep its color vibrant, and industrial-strength polyester thread keeps everything stitched together. The YKK zipper lets you open and close it with minimal fuss.

Your bathroom ain't the only place you'll be needing this 'ere razor, after all.

Customer Reviews

Based on 227 reviews
Michael Wagner
Razor and blade

Single blade gives me terrible shave - and the razor handle is way to small. Unfortunately Going to have to find alternative.

Ronald Garrett
It Fits the Pro Too

No one wants to reach unto their dopp kit and cut themselves. A snap-on blade guard would do as well, but it wouldn’t be as cool and stylish as this hard leather case.

Jake L
Single edge travel case

Very rugged and durable, nice leather and strong zipper. I can see this lasting a long time. I appreciate the great quality and workmanship.

Lyndon A Adebiyi

Great product.

George Bodkin
Good Razor

Still getting used to it. I must say I hate shaving if was not for my wife i]I would never shave again. But I must say it give a pretty good shave. I would recommend this razor…

Len Foster
Great looking travel case

While,I have not yet made a trip using the travel case, it looks great and will fit the bill.
Regarding my razor system, it gives me the closest, most comfortable shaves I have had during the nearly 60 years I’ve been shaving. I think so much of it that I bought one for my son.

Jeffrey Bauer
Product great, support SUCKS!

I was trying to decide between the PRO and the SE model. I could not get any responses out of countless e-mails. Only form submission on their website seemed to matter. Bought the PRO, endless nicks, bought the SE, great product. Asked to exchange my PRO for a second SE, using the webform, got an answer. Tried it, didn't do what I wanted so I e-mailed. No answer. Email from Patrick asking for this review and to respond if you have an issue, no response. Love the product, can't stand the (LACK OF) support.

John Krayacich
Awesome addition to shaving kit

Travel case makes tracking with the single blade so much easier (and safer!). Looks good, protects the razor (and my fingers) and just the right size.

Robert Schmid
Travel case - Excellent

Very well made. Excellent quality. Holds razor tight and fits in travel / toiletry bag well.

Pete Grabenstetter
Perfect fit

Quality case, just the right size.