Our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are fast approaching, and it's time to start making your list for the season. We're making it easy by giving you the best gifts for everyone on your list.

Ditch the coffee, iPhone accessories, and money clip. Opt for something they can use - and love - every day.

(Pssst... another bonus? You’ll get it all on time, because all our gear is in stock and ready to ship.) 


Shave Essentials Set

On Sale $25 - Save 27%

Grab our award-winning Ultra Lather Shave Cream and cult-favorite Healing Post Shave and save $11 with our Shave Essentials Set. 

Shop Shave Essentials Set - $25

"First time trying the Calm shave lather. I loved it! Never want to use anything else to shave. My wife and I both love the post shave as well. Both are big winners in my book!" JOSE - Verified Customer

Marble Shaving Bowl


Make building your lather an experience instead of a chore. Our solid marble bowl has micro ridges on it's interior that help whip up a soft, fluffy lather in seconds. Plus, the natural heat retaining properties of marble keep lather warm throughout your shave.

Shop Marble Shaving Bowl - $24

“I had been using a mug which I thought worked fine. Boy, was I wrong. This bowl is a game changer. It’s made to whip it up. Love this bowl. Plus, it looks great.” JACK S. - Verified Customer

Single Edge Travel Case


Whether they’re a frequent flyer or sometime sojourner, the Single Edge Travel Case will ensure their Single Edge isn't left behind on the next adventure. Full-grain leather and YKK zippers means it only looks better with age.

Shop the Single Edge Travel Case - $39

Amazing Leather Travel Case
"So pleased with yet again another purchase for my husband. If you have the razor, you must get this amazing case!! We got the black leather. Great quality." DANIELLE G. - Verified Customer

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The Single Edge 2.0 


Help them say goodbye to irritation, nicks, and bumps, and we'll throw in a free matching razor stand and 3 month blade supply. Engineered to provide a lifetime of perfect shaves, this is one gift that won't end in the trash.

Shop The Single Edge 2.0

Greatest Razor of All Time!
"I absolutely love to shave now, because of the Supply razor. I bought the marble set along with the razor stand, and it really brings it all together. I haven’t always liked shaving due to the razor bumps I would get with a multi-blade razor. Because of Supply, though, I have really learned a lot about shaving, and I love it now. If you’re thinking about it, just buy it…you won’t regret it. You truly get what you pay for, and it is worth every dollar I paid. Cheers!!" MARKY G. – Verified Customer


Everyday Essentials

On Sale $69 - Save 27%

A Whole 30 for your face - from skincare to grooming gear, these products have ingredients you can trust. Plant-based, skin-first formulas. Perfect to slip in stockings or surprise under the tree.

Shop Everyday Essentials - $69

"I have used many products before. Take it from a guy who has invested a lot of moola in other products and save yourself some cash and invest in this bad mama jama. You won't regret it." MARK  – Verified Customer


Ultimate Shave Accessories Set

On Sale $75 - Save $20

Give the gift of a barber style shave in the comfort of his bathroom. Our set includes the Marble Shave Bowl, Ultra Lather Shaving Cream, Healing Post Shave, and Brush.

Shop Ultimate Accessories Set - $75

Best Shaving Cream Ever
"I’m not a novice to shaving and this is simply the easiest shaving cream ever. Combine this with the marble shaving bowl and the great post shave, and I am now a daily shaver." TERRY S. – Verified Customer


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The Single Edge Starter Set 

On Sale $135 - Save $15

Our starter set contains everything you need to kickstart your shaving routine: carefully engineered razor, smooth-as-silk shaving cream, lather-creating brush, and soothing, skin-repairing post shave. And since we were in the Christmas spirit, we threw in a free Marble Shave Bowl and matching Razor Stand.

Shop The Single Edge Starter Set - $135

"I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend, and he absolutely loves it. He always had trouble shaving since many of the razors he used would pull at his hair, which would leave his skin irritated. Since using his Supply razor, he has not had any irritation and loves it! He was amazed by the quality and feel of the razor and will never go back to the 4/5 blade razors ever again. He loved the set so much he bought his dad a kit too!!" ZOIE N. – Verified Customer


The Ultimate Starter Set 

On Sale $185 - Save $24

Woah there! Steady on. Are you sure you're ready to gift a complete revolution in the way they shave? We can at least promise it'll be a bloodless revolution, because this razor is designed to free you from the cuts, redness, and ingrown hairs you get with multi-blade varieties.

Add in amazing plant-based formulas, and the end result? A top-notch shave, a perpetually fresh face, and the freedom to begin every day on exactly the right note.

Best Shave Of My Life
"I have never been into shaving or looked forward to shaving ever. I always hated it. This razor and starter kit has completely changed the game for me. The razor is built to last. You know when you hold it that the 100 year warranty is real. The shaving cream and brush make the shaving experience classy, and that stuff is concentrated! The after shave is my favorite. If there was a cologne like this, I’d buy it. The shave with this razor is the closest one I’ve ever had. It takes years off my face! I honestly look forward to shaving my face in the morning. Penny Shave Club who?" MARC V. – Verified Customer

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Build Your Own Custom Gift & Save Up To 20%

Put together a custom gift for all the unique people on your list. 

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