How To Get The Best Shave Ever

How To Get The Best Shave Ever

It's true. The Single Edge is the easiest way to begin shaving with a safety razor. However, as with any precision tool, there are important guidelines you will want to keep in mind when using it. 

I know -  you hate reading instructions. We all do. But the following points are important to getting the best shave out of your brand new razor. So, take a lazy Saturday morning to read through them and get acquainted with your Single Edge. It may take a few minutes to figure out the mechanics, but the amazing shaves will be worth it.


Before you begin shaving, you'll want to make sure that your blade and razor are properly prepared and shave-ready. So listen up - this part is important.

Make sure you don't damage your blade when loading it. It's not rocket science, but you do need to pay attention to the cutting edge of the blade as it's being injected. 

If the blade accidentally drags across the blade stop, it will damage, but all you'll need to do is put a new blade in. It's definitely going to be a bad day if you shave with a damaged blade. 

How do you know if you have a damaged blade? If you're having a really rough shave (or if the razor isn't shaving at all), a damaged blade is usually the culprit. Just insert a new one - and if you're still having a hard time with your pack, reach out to us. We're always willing to help hook you up with a new pack. 

Tip #1: Don't Apply Any Pressure

If you're struggling with irritation or nicks while using The Single Edge, there's a strong chance you're applying too much pressure on the razor.

The Single Edge uses a very sharp blade that is effective at mowing down the thickest beard out there. There's no need to press on the razor during use. Your technique should feel like you're sweeping the hair off your face, using the weight of the razor to guide you. If you're not getting a close enough shave, pressing will make things worse. Trust us.

Tilt your head to one side and rest the razor on your cheek. Feel that? That's the most pressure you should use on the razor.

Tip #2: Prepare Your Face Properly

It's hard for most guys to believe, but preparing your face for shaving is just as important to a good shave as the actual act of shaving. Here's a quick rundown of how to properly prep for your shave:

  1. For best results, shave after a hot shower. If this isn't possible, soak your beard and face with hot water using a towel for a minute or two. This softens your beard and prepares your pores for a close shave.
  2. Use a lather with high-quality, natural ingredients. Canned shaving gel or foam contains alcohol, propellants, and synthetic chemicals that dry out skin and do the exact opposite of protecting it.

Tip #3: Map Your Beard Grain

Hair doesn't just grow "out" from the body. It grows in a particular direction which is called the grain. And since every man's beard is unique, every man's beard map is as well. That's why it's important to understand your specific beard pattern before shaving. For detailed instructions on how to map your beard grain, check out this blog.

Why is this important? There are three ways you can shave your beard: with the grain, against the grain, or across the grain. Each has a benefit, depending on your specific beard and skin type.

It's best to start shaving with the grain to avoid irritation and nicks. If after a first pass you need a closer shave, re-lather and shave across the grain or at a 90-degree angle from the grain. Still need it closer? Re-lather and shave across the grain from the opposite direction. Some people can shave against the grain, but if you're prone to sensitive skin, it's discouraged. 

Tip #4: Experiment. Experiment. Experiment.

We can't stress this enough. Trying out different angles, settings, and piecing together different methods will ultimately help you find the perfect shave you've always been looking for. 

You may want to start with our classic shave setting and come through on. your second pass with the sensitive setting. Your proper blade angle may be shallower than someone else who uses the Single Edge. The point is that your beard and face is unique, so your perfect shave is out there waiting. Have fun with the process!

Find The Correct Angle

The angle at which you hold the razor is key to a great shave. If you've used cartridge razors your whole life, this might be new to you. With the Single Edge, you'll need to find the optimum angle of the blade against your skin. Don't worry - it's easy.


The correct angle to hold the razor is about 10-15 degrees rotated from your skin. Just do the following:

  1. Place the head of your razor flat against your cheek.
  2. Take a few short, light downward strokes.
  3. As you take these strokes, begin slowly rotating the handle downward until you find that the razor begins to cut hair. 
  4. You found it!

Once you find the sweet spot, make sure to maintain this angle of the razor around the curves and contours of your face. It will take a few shaves to train your muscle memory, but it will become second nature in no time.