How to Use the Single Edge

Curious about how to use the Single Edge? It's simple. We'll take you through the basics.

Unlike modern razors, the Single Edge uses a single, easily replaceable blade that gives a consistently smooth shave. And even though it looks different than most razors you're used to, we've designed it to be extremely familiar to use - right out of the box. Here's how:


Use any method you prefer. We recommend the traditional way - with a high-quality brush and shave soap.


Our blades last up to 10 shaves - or more. But when it's time to change your blade, just pop one in with our clever blade magazine.

All other safety razors on the market today require you to unwrap thin, sharp blades and manually load them by hand. But with the Single Edge, you'll use our unique blade magazine to swap your blade quickly and safely.


The thought of using a single-bladed razor can be intimidating, but we've designed the Single Edge to be extremely easy and safe to use. We've completely eliminated the need to be concerned about cutting yourself. 

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Bruce DeCesare

I saw it on Shark Tank and immediately knew that I had to own one, I’ve been struggling with shaving razors for years and skin irritation has always been a problem for me. I know my search is over can’t wait till christmas.

Shane miller

I live in the UK and a lot of injector blades come without a key on the magazine. Is there a particular way of manually loading the blades into the razor without using the key.
Thank you